Jan 6, 2012

Filming in China - News Update

According to Ultimate Dolph, Lundgren will leave for China next week on January 10. We can hopefully expect some news on Li and his on set pictures hit the net soon.
Update: we know by now Jan 12, that production has moved to Hong Kong instead of mainland China. Lundgren is filming in New Orleans with the rest of the EX team right now and should arrive in Hong Kong around Sunday according to Chinese news sources. Filming is supposed to begin in Hong Kong sometime early next week.


  1. i want to see Jet Li es mi personaje favorito me hubiese gustado verlo luchar con van damme pero no se pudo lastima

  2. Yes Jet Li is finally going to be on The Expendables 2 .All I got to say is awesome,yes,heck yes,what now punks.My favorite movies are Fist Of Legend,The Master,Born To Defence,Romeo Must Die,Cradle To THe Grave, Tai Chi Master,Once Upon Time In China 1,2,3,Last Hero In China,Evil Cult,Dr.Wai:The Scripture With No Words,Dragon Fight,My Father is a Hero,High Risk/Meltdonwn,Shaolin Temple 1,2,3,Fearless,Swordsman 2,Hero,Fong Sai Yuk 1 and 2,The Bodyguard From Beijing,Black Mask,The New Legend Of Shaolin,Once Upon In CHina and America,Hitman/Contract Killer,Lethal Weapon 4,The One,Kiss of the Dragon,Unleashed,War,The Forbidden Kingdom,The Mummy 3,The Warlords,The Foundation Of a Republic,Ocean Heaven,The Expendables,The Sorcerer and the White Snake,Flying SWords of Dragon Gate,and now The Expendables 2.And I've would've win.