Jan 20, 2012

Point of No Return: EX2 Already Shot in PG-13

For those fans still hoping to see Stallone fight to chagne the EX2 rating or to see studios listen to their request and change their mind to accomdate the true fans of EX2, we unfortunately have to dispaoint them. EX2 has already been shot to be granted a PG-13 rating. The confirmation came this morning from Harry of It Ain't Cool, this is the same guy who received the PG-13 confirmation from Stallone himself. It also confirms our theory that EX2 was set from the very beginning to be released in PG-13 so it wasn't just for Norris. This is what he had to say to one of the Stallone Zone's fan members:

"Dude - accept it, move on. You'll live better.

What I hear is they didn't even shoot hard versions with nuts tons of Blood & guts - because it was always the intent. They don't have foul language takes. The film was structured and shot to be the hardest PG 13 they can make.

IT has been done. LIONSGATE is focused on creating mass audience films now. HUNGER GAMES. You can make a pretty great action film in the PG 13 arena. It has been done. I'd be more worried about the director's history. Harry"

Like we said in our previous story, we have to continue to hope that a PG-13 EX2 still delivers on its promises. Once again for our part, we'll go and see the movie just for the joy of seeing our action idols reunited on the big screen for what might be their final battle. We may risk to be disappointed, the expectation is set lower now so it could only get better...


  1. I'm sure you're right but some place in my heart still wont accept the disappointment.

  2. Ok, but later i want a Blu-Ray with the INTEGRAL version, with gore and dirty words!

  3. It's a bit disappointing but I can live with it. The cast is still tremendous and the Director did Con Air so he's good with large ensembles. Gotta be optimistic, outside of a few gorey moments the first could've been PG-13 too if not for the CGI blood which I won't miss.

  4. http://oi44.tinypic.com/wkoh7o.jpg