Mar 25, 2012

Djokovic's Cameo Scene

Here's a glimpse of Djokovic's cameo scene in EX2 captured by 60 Minutes. His scene looks more like a parody, zapping bad guys with a tennis racket, WTF?!

Thanks to Expendables Premiere


  1. fuuckkk this scennne !!!

    major faillll

  2. Ridiculous, i hope that gay scene is not in the movie.
    they come at him with machine guns for fckkks sake !!!
    Somethings not right. There's no way I can see this being in the film.

    It's probably for some T.v spot nonsense.

  3. Please Dooooooooon´t!!!!

  4. First, they cast Liam Hemsworth, then the PG13 rating, and now a gay scene taken from "Power Rangers" with a tennis player. WHAT THE FVCK IS GOING ON? HOW HARD IS TO MAKE AN R RATED ACTION MOVIE?