Mar 22, 2012

EX2 Possible Plot: Refresher

Hallo, my name is Gunter and I'm one of the new bloggers of the EX2 Blog team. 

Lack of serious news, I decided to write a short refresher of the EX2 plot according to EX2 Blog. It's been a while since we lost touch with our readers so a refresher wouldn't hurt (discretion advised, possible mild spoiler!):

The movie opens with a mission in Burma where the EX team, with Li but without Statham, kick some serious bad guys ass to rescue one of the biggest action icons of all times, Mr. Schwarzenegger himself held captive in some dark places of Asia.  It is unknown (to us) why the EX team would risk their lives to save this old timer of mercenary knowing that Barney (Stallone) and Trench (Schwarzenegger) are arch rivals. One thing is for sure, Trench will someday pay his debt back to the team.

Coming back from Burma, Mr. Church (Willis) forces Barney into a new mission that takes place in a fictitious Eastern European Country, to take on a seemingly simple job. Li declines to participate but the EX team with their newest members Billy the Kid (Hemsworth) and Maggie (Nan) embark on a task that looks like an easy paycheck. 

Things go wrong and one of the EX members is viciously killed by a team of opposing mercenaries led by a serious bad guy called Vilain (Van Damme). The EXs are compelled to seek revenge. But they get into serious trouble as the opposing force is stronger than anticipated in a hostile territory.

Church gets together with Trench and Booker (Norris), a retired mercenary to think of a plan to save Barney and his team from this doom.

Booker flies into the EX team rescue but his support will not be enough, Church and Trench have to join the battle.

The final & epic battle takes place in an airport where Barney, Trench, Church, Booker, Gunnar (Lundgren)  are reunited to fight side by side against Vilain and his henchman Hector (Adkins).  

We will witness one of the most grandiose action scenes of all times where Stallone, Schwarzenegger & Willis, the three action legends are firing guns side by side.

A final battle between Barney vs. Vilain, should wrap things up, more epic than ever thought.

I can't believe everything I just wrote, too good to be true...

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  1. It DOES sound too good to be true! I was a little nervous when I heard Arnold and Bruce were only on set for five days, but it does sound like their parts will be quite significant. I can't wait to see Arnold, Sly, and Bruce kicking ass together. The fight between Sly and Van Damme will be epic, too. August 17th can't come soon enough!!