Mar 24, 2012

More On Which EX Might Die First - Part II

Pre-PG-13 protest, the Blog wrote a few articles where they tried to guess the name of the EX character who dies in the movie as per the official synopsis. The latest revelation by Couture where he gave a clue on his participation in EX3 led me to conclude that although he was thought by many to be one the most probable members of the team to die, the possibility has become less likely.

So which EX character is ruthlessly assassinated by the villains?

To answer the question, in my opinion, we need to break down a few sequences of the movie starting from its end to the point where the EX brother dies in the film.

Why the end? Because this is where the clue will come from. If we believe the now famous speculation that some sort of a large scale battle takes place in an airport (fragments seen in the teaser Trailer) where the EX team helped by Trench (Schwarzenegger), Church (Willis) & Booker (Norris) fights the villains led by Jean Vilain (Van Damme), the EX who has survived all the previous mischief to get to this point of the movie is obviously not the brother who was brutally murdered and the rest of the team is seeking to avenge. Trivial Watson?

So which actors who play an EX character were seen on set when the crew was shooting the final scenes of the airport battle? They were Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Crews, Couture & Nan (she's not a brother so we know she doesn't get whacked).

Who's left? Li & Hemsworth!

Most fans think Li is the chosen brother, his character if killed has a huge impact on the team and justifies some serious bad ass revenge. Hemsworth on the other hand is the newcomer and those don't get killed (generally speaking) in movies but nothing is excluded. So who dies? Hard to say. If I had to pick I'd say Hemsworth using my logic and Li using my gut feel.

Wait a minute, am I not forgetting someone? What about Rourke? I know by saying this most of you will call me a dumb sausage but I don't want to write him off yet. For several reasons. 

Remember the very first leaked synopsis that was rejected by Stallone? Tool was the EX member that was supposed to get zapped. I know Stallone said it wasn't true, but between us after everything he's said, do we want to believe him? remember the poster and how oddly the new synopsis resembles the first one. I' not calling Stallone a liar at all, so Sly fans please don't shoot me, all I'm saying is that nothing on EX2 has been 100% transparent.

Although Rourke publicly announced his disengagement in EX2 he made the statement that he would do a cameo in a movie that he could not disclose the name. Plus he was seen with Stallone a day prior to the filming of some of the scenes in New Orleans, coincidence you say? I beg to differ.
Li, Hemsworth or Rourke, make your call. I put my money on Rourke, but this is me and not the opinion shared by all at the Blog.


  1. You are sure that Liam Hemsworth and Nan Yu are Expendables?Not villains?No one read the script.(sorry for my english,I am from Brazil)

    1. read the official synopsis

  2. I think it will be Hemsworth. What could be more devastating to these guys than take a young man, a child in their eyes, to the team and then not being able to protect him. A young man getting murdered brutally. If someone like Li or Couture would die.. they've been doing it for ages, they know they can die any moment and have made peace with it. It's part of the job.

  3. Jet Li is inmortal

  4. from your last post mentioning this (below), it seems Li Won't die since he is not participating in the job. The mercenaries gets killed when they took the job. So if Li is out, He wont die. So it's Hemsworth the dead one. :

    : Coming back from Burma, Mr. Church (Willis) forces Barney into a new mission that takes place in a fictitious Eastern European Country, to take on a seemingly simple job. Li declines to participate but the EX team with their newest members Billy the Kid (Hemsworth) and Maggie (Nan) embark on a task that looks like an easy paycheck.

    Things go wrong and one of the EX members is viciously killed by a team of opposing mercenaries led by a serious bad guy called Vilain (Van Damme). The EXs are compelled to seek revenge. But they get into serious trouble as the opposing force is stronger than anticipated in a hostile territory.

    1. I said if if I had to pick between Li & Hemsworth. I don't think Li dies, my money is on Rourke!!

  5. It's really tough to tell at this point. After Rourke bailed on EX2, I thought it would be Li who gets killed do to his limited time on set. In the original synopsis it stated that Tool dies and his daughter shows up to avenge his murder. Gina Carano talked about being approached for EX2. I assumed it would be to play the daughter but Lionsgate suddenly made the character Asian and the role went to actress Nan Yu. This suggested to me that they took Tool's fate and switched it to Yang's storyline and Nan Yu is now the daughter seeking revenge for HER father's murder. Clear? With the recent picture and interview with Hemsworth, however, it would suggest that he may be the one Van Damme kills. My gut still says Li but it could very well be Hemsworth, too. If Rourke does cameo, I have a feeling it'll be just a random scene at the end in his bar.