Apr 4, 2012

Amy Ryan, Vincent D’Onofrio and 50 Cent Join Schwarzenegger and Stallone in THE TOMB

Not EX2 related but we have been treating "The Tomb" as a spin-off so here some news on the cast. 

According to Variety, director Mikael Hafstrom has added three more names to the cast: Amy Ryan, Vincent D’Onofrio and 50 Cent.  
Ryan is set as the female lead in the action pic. She’ll play Stallone’s business partner and potential love interest.   

Law & Order: Criminal Intent star D’Onofrio is in talks to play the deputy director of the Prisons Bureau.  He convinces Stallone’s character to do one last job before he retires (natch).

We had reported that Jones was also part of the cast now, he is set in a villainous role as a ruthless guard with no moral compass who enjoys making life difficult for the protag.

No details are given for 50 Cent’s role.