Jul 24, 2012

Dolph Lundgren Interview

Lungren sat down with AskMen for an interview. Here are bits and pieces that pertain to EX2:

On actors who impressed him with their physicality and/or discipline:

"The first one that comes to mind is Sly, Sly Stallone. I was a competitive athlete when I got in the business, and he was an actor. He wasn’t in particularly great shape for the first Rocky, but then he got into very good shape. He’s 66 now, I think, and he’s still in pretty good shape for his age. More than 99% of everybody else.

[Jean-Claude] has discipline as well. He’s a different personality; he likes to go out more, but he’s still in good shape. It’s surprising that he is in such good shape if you take into account his lifestyle, or maybe his past lifestyle. A lot of the guys on The Expendables series I would say are like that. Terry Crews, he’s in his mid-40s, he’s in terrific shape, you know, Randy Couture… they’re all older guys, but certainly they would beat most younger guys at any sport, at any age. I’m impressed by all of them. By working with these guys, you get a little bit of an inspiration injection. Because I’m used to being the only older guy. But now I’ve got six or seven more on the set. It makes you feel great, like, there is hope." 

On being back to work on an action blockbuster years and years later with guys he came up with decades ago:

"It’s surreal in one way because it is kind of a throwback movie to the ‘80s and even further back, like The Dirty Dozen -- and we are making fun of ourselves a bit in the movie. For me there’s the other dimension of working with Stallone 25 years later, and also now with Arnold, who I knew before I got into films. I was a fighter in New York, and my girlfriend was in one of his movies way back. I met him back then.

On how he was spending his downtime between scenes:

"We [were] blowing shit up. Tossing dynamite all over the place. No, when we’re filming, it’s very professional and work-orientated -- especially this second movie, because we were shooting in Bulgaria which is really cold, and we were way too tired to go out and party too much. A lot of these guys, they look like that for a reason. They don’t go out much; they don’t party hard and drink and stay up ‘til five in the morning, but on occasion, we have a few drinks and talk about the past. Sometimes you work out together which is fun, whether you train together or you’re in the gym at the same time. It’s certainly different than in 99% of all other films, where you’re there as a job and you don’t know the other people and actors on the set, and you don’t have that much in common. Here, there are a lot of common bonds, which makes it special.

Source: AskMen

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