Jul 25, 2012

JCVD & the Expendables World Tour Schedule

Here's Van Damme's EX2 World Tour Schedule:

[The schedule below could be a subject of change.]

• Sunday, August 5th Madrid, Spain
• Monday, August 6th - Spanish Press Day and Premiere

• Tuesday, August 7th Berlin, Germany - German Press day and Premiere

• Wednesday, August 8th Brussels, Belgium - TBD Junket and Premiere

• Thursday, August 9th Paris, France - Premiere
• Friday, August 10th - French Press Day

• Saturday, August 11th | Sunday, August 12th London, United Kingdom
• Monday, August 13th - UK Press Day and Premiere

• Tuesday, August 14th New York, United States
• Wednesday, August 15th* - Good Morning America, Jimmy Fallon
* (A possible trip to Toronto same day and back to NYC)

• Thursday, August 16th & 17th - NYC appearances
• Friday, August 17th - The Expendables 2 Premier

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