Jul 18, 2012

Simon West Talks EX2 PG-13 Rumor

We know 1000% by now that EX2 will be hard "R" rated. But Joblo has had a phone conversation with EX2 director Simon West on the rumor that was surrounding an eventual PG-13 move by the studios back in February 2012, that caused so much grief among the fans. Here's what West had to say about the PG-13 rumor:

"It's a very hard R, actually. The rumor got out - I'm sure there were some financial people who wanted it to be PG-13 because they thought it would somehow make more money or have a broader audience, but there was no way. I mean, when you get these guys on the set, they can't say a line without putting the F-bomb in it, and they can't pick up a gun without blowing several limbs off. There was no way this film could ever work other than an R, because that's just not what it is, and I think the core audience that loved the first one would just be outraged if it wasn't an R. It would be so sanitized, and such a weird version of it. I can't see how it could ever be PG-13. There was a rumor out there or some pressure out there because somebody thought they would somehow make it a family movie. It's more a dysfunctional family movie." 
Looks like the movie was supposed to be "R" from the beginning. Hmm, makes me wonder now if we actually fought for nothing???


  1. I don't think we fought for nothing. If anything we showed how passionate we are about the R-rated action genre and how much it means to us that we get the best from an action movie as possible. It will serve as a warning to movie makers that their product can suffer if they don't deliver the goods.

  2. .thanks for sharing

  3. EX2 officially rated R by the MPAA:


    Everybody get out there and support the movie! Prove that there is still money to be made in true R rated action movies.