Aug 9, 2012

JCVD: Why I Chose To Be The "Villain"

One day I heard from a big lawyer who said, 'Look, if you're going to be in a big movie and you can do so, be the villain - because automatically you're going to be the co-lead and you always remember the good guy and the villain. I respected The Expendables, but I didn't want to be Expendable 5, 6 or 7.
I'm not mocking that, all I'm saying is that The Expendables has a long future, but I want to go from The Expendables 2 to something else.

Playing a villain, you can really have a great bipolarity in terms of going high and going low, and you can have all types of dimension and all types of delivery as an actor. You can smile and say, 'I'm going to kill you,' or you can say that same line and look very threatening. So I gave lots of variations to Stallone and to Simon, the director, but I didn't pass the limit of reality.
If you're over the top and go too far, it becomes a joke, and you can't do that in The Expendables, because Stallone took the movie kind of seriously.

This man, who has passed 65, who has a body of 40 and has the mind of a creator, which means that he has no age, was truly into The Expendables.You believed he was an Expendable while we were making The Expendables 2. It would take him a week to come out of that role, to be normal. It's a great secret of acting, and he's got it.
I love the man, I truly love the man, the way he is. He taught me about film, how to get my love back for the business, how to be more confident with my intelligence. He also taught me how to behave outside of movies, with the audience, and how not to be too open, like he was in the old times, and then he was hurt.
He was amazing.
It's true that I met Arnold on a few occasions and was in Last Action Hero. On Predator he and I trained in the morning, him with dumbbells and me with my stretching. I was proud because he was one of my heroes.
When I saw Rocky, I was running, believing I was him All these people were there on The Expendables 2,' and I was going from one trailer to another and, thank God, they opened their doors for me. There was lots of friendship on the set, and I was able to have conversations with all of them.

When you make lots of movies, you go into lots of characters and we are experiencing different lives, different truths, different textures and smells, everything. When we're missing them, when we go back to our own selves, which we know by heart, we're stealing from every role a piece of that feeling of being somebody else. That's why movie stars have a hard time being at home waiting for new roles.
More than that, if the movie makes money and is exposed well and publicized well, then the movie star gets a lot of love from the audience. Now, when a movie is going down, you have no idea of the pain and the suffering, of what the fall is like for a man who has been loved by millions of people. If you (mess) up, whatever it is - drugs, a love affair, being too big and being unable to enjoy the success whatever the mistake is, it's the worst.

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  1. Very wise words Jean Claude, I really enjoyed everthing you said in this article!! You are the reason why I started kickboxing, I saw almost all your movies and always try to learn from you. Your biggest South American fan from Bolivia.