Aug 9, 2013

Bits of News & Don't Count Willis Out Yet!

Nothing major but some bits of news on EX3.

Ford confirmed on the Jimmy Kimmel show that he was indeed going to be in EX3 although he has not watched the first 2 movies. Rumors also have it that he will be filming 7 days for $2M vs the $4M Willis was asking for only 4 days.

Ortiz was seen on a picture, that was posted on Instagram, training for EX3 on how to hold a gun. The picture was taken down a few hours later.

Rousey tweeted that she finished yesterday fitting for EX3 outfits, and "got to meet some of the cast too, they're badass-sweethearts!" she quoted.

Cage confirmed once again in an interview that he has not seen the EX3 script and no one has contacted him for a role, he has not watched the 2 previous installments but you never know, he's open to the idea. The Cage polemic is probably the most annoying and intriguing story of EX3.

Finally the CEO of Lionsgate (Feltheimer) came to mitigate the Stallone/Willis fight and implied to analysts Friday that despite some intemperate comments from Sylvester Stallone, it may be too early to count Bruce Willis out of EX3. Without mentioning the "Die Hard" actor by name, the studio boss said that deals on star-studded projects like "The Expendables 3" are often being negotiated right up to the day cameras start rolling. "You just never know," he said. "Even on that part." Feltheimer noted that in the case of "The Expendables" franchise, the producers oversee much of the casting decisions. However, he said that Lionsgate does play a role in keeping all the parties under control and happy. "These are really talented and creative people and part of our job is to manage," Feltheimer said. Despite Willis' exit, Feltheimer said that the action film follow-up will have plenty of fresh blood.

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