Aug 16, 2013

Robert Davi Joins EX3

According to the radio station KEarth Robert Davi has joined the cast of EX3! Davi was known in the 80's for his roles in movies such as Die Hard and License to Kill. Interesting addition if true.

Update: this has been verified and Davi will indeed be playing in EX3. He will film in Bulgaria sometime in October for a couple of weeks with Gibson! Great addition to the cast.

It's worth noting that the radio station that interviewed Davi mentions Chan to be in the movie!


  1. That is pretty cool, I didn't see that coming. In
    opinion, he reminds me of Danny Trejo(have a small role in every movie) Robort Davi the same just a decade earlier.

  2. No freaking way! Davi is awesome! Big Johnson!