Aug 15, 2013

News From Bulgaria

Hey it's Elrey here, will be filling in for EXBlogman for a while until he's back. 

Got some mixed news from Bulgaria. Apparently the main cast will not start filming until Aug 25. The first week starting Aug 19 will be mainly including the stunt doubles & extras. It's almost confirmed that the first action scenes being filmed in Varna will take place in Africa and probably Somalia. The local casting agency has secured the 40 extras of African background to play the Somali policemen. Today they were looking for bodybuilders, martial artists and people with middle eastern traits as extras.

The first actors to arrive are Gibson, Banderas & Snipes. Ford will arrive later in September. Got some mixed reports that Schwarzenegger will not show up in August either which is to be verified as he has Maggie lined up in the Fall?!

I also wanted to say that having some Latin roots myself, I'm very excited that Banderas has been added to the cast.

Stay tuned, I'll do my best to keep things up-to-date!