Aug 4, 2013

The Dirty Dozen & A Half

A few days ago the Bulgarian news agency 24chasa reported more updates on EX3. Most of what they reported such as Rousey taking her training staff to Bulgaria & the arrival date of the cast was already known and reported by us and others. But one piece of their news that drew attention was the allegedly 19 actors who have signed on for EX3, 13 of which would be famous.

Although 24chasa is one of the reliable Bulgarian sources they don't always get it right, so believe what they say at your own risk. We used them a few times 2 years ago when EX2 was filmimg, specially for on-set pictures. They seem for the most part to get the scoop before others in Bulgaria. But remember when they reported Cage & Travolta to be in the second installment of the Expendables based on statements made by the CEO of Nu Boyana, and the rest is history...
So 19 actors they claim ha? Shall we do the math to find out if the numbers make sense:

Let's assume the following cast is more or less confirmed and keep in mind that Stallone confirmed 5 (less known) new guys

1-Stallone - Famous #1
2-Schwarzenegger - Famous #2
3-Willis - Famous #3
4-Lundgren - Famous #4
5-Statham - Famous #5
7-Rourke - Famous #6
8-Chan - Famous #7
9-Snipes - Famous #8
10-Gibson - Famous #9
11-Jovovich - Famous #10
12-Rousey - New Gal #1
13-Ortiz - New Guy #2
14-Lutz - New Guy #3

The following is yet to be confirmed

15-Cage - Famous #11
16-Seagal - Famous #12
17-Li - Famous #13
19-New Guy #4 (The Raid?)
20-New Guy #5 (The Raid?)

There is one too many! I let you guess who...


  1. "There is one too many! I let you guess who..."
    Steven Seagal

  2. I'd say Jet Li or Cage.

    Steve Seagal is in without a doubt!

    1. Yes one of those two or Crews.

      ExBlogman you obviously know the cast names, why not post it instead of all this messing around ??????