Sep 4, 2013

A Surprising Look Behind the Custom Bikes of EX3

Would you believe the custom motorcycles that will be featured in Expendables 3 are made in Turkey? Surprising, but true. Tarhan Telli, of TT Custom Choppers, custom designs motorcycles, and provided the bikes for the shoot in Bulgaria.

His personal Facebook page, and his company Facebook page, are full of awesome pictures of his work.

I had no idea! It's hard to understand some of his comments, as the auto-translate doesn't work that well, but he has some pictures of bikes in the back of a van being taken to Sofia, if I understand it correctly.

He even had a book personally signed by Arnold a few days ago.

Pretty neat stuff! I guess the biker bar scene will indeed be shot in Bulgaria, and not New Orleans. Thanks to Legend Norris for the tip.

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