Sep 11, 2013

New Set Pics Plus Dolph On Facebook

Hey EX3 fans!

We have a few new EX3 set pics for you . The first is a really cool one with Sly, Couture and Lundgren (plus his fiancĂ©) in a helicopter. Looks like a blue-screen behind it.

And these 2 of Statham....

Lastly, we have Dolph answering a fan question about Gunnar on his Facebook page...


  1. AWESOME pics and Dolph is so cool.

  2. Jason tan in EX3?

    1. I think he is part of Rousey's training team.

  3. New Rousey pic

  4. Hi Jeff!
    You're presenting the best site about EX3! Thank all of you guys for the continuing updates about the filming. I'm a huge fan of Sly, so I'm planning to take a trip to Bulgaria to get a chance to see him there. Do you know anything, when they're shooting on location outside the "NU Boyana Film Studios" in Sofia, again? Or are fans been noticed in front of the hotel, where the stars are staying in? I guess Sly is, like most of the other cast & crew, staying in "Grand Hotel Sofia"?! How is it possible for fans to get an autograph or a picture there in Bulgaria?

    Thank you very much for any kind of support


    1. Hi Monika. Thanks for the compliment. We try to get any EX3 news up on the blog as soon as we get it.

      We don't know their shooting schedule, unfortunately. If they are filming outside the studio on any given day, it is probably a closed set. It may be hard to watch filming. A few weeks ago, there was an article about where Sly and the cast was staying, but I can't remember. It was probably the Grand Hotel Sofia. You could try going there early morning or in the evening...and hope to catch them before or after filming. Security may be keeping fans back, though.

      Good luck with your trip. I hope you get to meet Sly. Share your pics with us when you get back.