Sep 17, 2013

The Arnold Fans mentions 'R' piece and EX4 suggestions piece!

TheArnoldFans has just reported on two of my Blog write-ups.

1) My 'R' rating piece.
2) My EX 4 suggestions piece.

Thanks to Randy Jennings!


We don't have much Expendables 3 news except we hear Arnold is now finished in Bulgaria but there is a chance he might be back for additional filming later on (perhaps filming in Los Angeles). But if you are jonesing for some Expendables talk, ABking wrote two pieces. Their first article HERE talks about the 'R' rating we all wish for and the second article HERE is about the possibilities of another Expendables movie beyond the third film. If there is a 4th movie, ABking has some filmmaker and casting suggestions. 


  1. Anold should be back after promiting his new line on friday, id say next week sometime he should come bk and shoot for another week, that would be epic!