Sep 30, 2013

Wesley Snipes!

Looks like Snipes caused a scene, according to this article.


Hollywood star Wesley Snipes was the attraction in the capital chalgoteka Night Flight over the weekend. Snipes, who was in Sofia for the filming of "Expendables 3" appeared unexpectedly and was immediately attacked by a group of girls who wanted to be photographed with him or get his autograph. Although poopipa one another and twisted chick Snipes remained faithful to the companies with which he had come. Congratulations to him flew one after another, and he showed he was very good at dancing, not even belly. Wesley Snipes is another star who chooses folk club for late-night parties. He was in Bulgaria with his colleague Sylvester Stallone, who directed the band and Jason Statham. The "Expendables 3" starred Arnold Shartseneger, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren.


  1. Google translation is pathetic and confusing yet again. That article makes no sense at all. Also, I don't think that Mickey Rourke will be in The Expendables 3.

  2. If any fans really did attack Wesley Snipes, then those particular folks are imbeciles, thugs and nitwits and aren't real fans at all.

  3. In an earlier blog post it was said that Schwarzenegger, statham, and Li have finished filming...So are statham and li there or is this just badly translated

  4. Jessica, it's just the poor translation.