Oct 19, 2013

Exclusive Gibson's Interview

Exclusive Interview conducted by the Bulgarian news outlet Standart:

- Mr. Gibson, what are your impressions of Bulgaria so far?
- I don't have much time to look around – I work, sleep, exercise or have other commitments related to the shooting. Most often I'm in the studio - watching how others are working.

- How did you react when Stallone invited you for the role?
- Well, quite simple. He called and asked, "Do you want to play something in The Expendables?" I replied "Yes, yes - I'll be The Bad. You just come up with something fun, something cool. I'll come and help you with whatever I can". Then we sat down, we talked about the characters and we planned some scenes. Sly is great - very open, very easy to work with it.

- Tell us something about your character.
- He's a contract killer, a mercenary - not very pleasant individual. He is The Bad Guy.

- But you like playing The Bad Guy...
- Of course.

- Would you come to shoot your movie in the Boyana Film Studios?
- Yes, why not? The studio here is wonderful. I have been watching the teams – they work great. It will be good to have many other productions here. I do not know if you have a law on incentives for the film industry - as they do in most European countries. For tax reasons a lot of people would come to shoot in Bulgaria - it would be beneficial to your economy, there will be more jobs. Then I would certainly do here some of my projects.

- Were you able to meet with Hristo Shopov and Hristo Zhivkov, who you directed in "The Passion of the Christ"
- Oh yeah, we met the other day - we had some time to talk, to laugh. And Hristo Zhivkov made ​​steaks for me in LA – he came to my home for a visit. It was cool. Anyway, they are both great actors.

- Rumor has it you are preparing something spectacular.
- Yes, in the future. I am always ready with large projects. But I've learned my lesson from the past. If I share what I'm shooting, there is always someone stealing my ideas and then copying me. So now I keep quiet. I prefer surprises. I like it when everyone is left surprised. As if I stalked them, I slipped behind their back. But I don't like it when someone does it behind mine.

- Before leaving for the shooting in Bulgaria, you were joking with a journalist from CNN, that you've come here to sell shoes...
- I must have been totally exhausted by fatigue from flying.

- Have you tried our kitchen?
- Oh, yes - I eat everything I'm offered. Shopska salad, too, of course.

- How do you like our wines?
- I only drink water and coffee.

- Would you be willing to do holiday in Bulgaria?
- Yes, I hope I will have the time to travel a bit around. Although there is much work here - the days and nights merge. But if I would get some free hours, I would drive around the country – to look at the different cities, nature, whatever you've got.

- How much time do you dedicate to fitness?
- I try to go to the gym at least every other day. I spend three hours there - and believe me, it is a lot. But I do not lift weights.

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