Nov 13, 2013

Lundgren: Stallone Took a Backseat

In an interview with Film Ink, Lundgren spoke about EX3 and explained how Stallone took the backseat with regards to directing:

So, Patrick Hughes, an Australian director made Expendables 3. How was that experience and does Pat direct or does Sly direct?
“No, no, no, Pat directed, he was very good and Stallone was actually very happy with him from what I could see and really took a backseat. I’ve done a couple of movies, let’s see with Sly, I’ve done one, two, three and this is the fourth so you know, two of them he directed and he tends to kind of take over but he was quite good on this one, relaxed, because he believed in Patrick and he said so. I think everybody felt good about it and well, I think people feel it’s going to be the best one so far. It’s a grittier kind of movie, there’s some great one liners, it’s kind of more brutal and there’s the cast as well of course.
Pat is of that generation, he would’ve seen you as Ivan Drago and all that and he wasn’t intimidated by the cast?
Well you know, I’m sure he was a little bit, you know by me and by Arnold and by Jet Li and Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson and a few others as well…