Oct 14, 2015

EX4 Likley to Film in Bulgaria Again!

Update: it appears that Johannes Hartmann was working on the set of Boyka 4 and not EX 4, he might have confused the 2 movies when tagging his pictures. I apologize, I should have paid closer attention to the photos, I took Johannes's post for granted. Thanks to "Jeff" for bringing it to my attention in the comment section.

Although EX4 seems to have received some serious Chinese investment support and there is a likelihood of a partial production in China, several clues still point to the direction of Bulgaria.

Back in September this year the CEO of NU Boyana (that is the Studio where the first 3 movies were shot) told Xinhua that The Expendables 4 would probably be made mid-2016 in his Studios.

Also a certain Johannes Hartmann posted pictures of the set construction for The Expendables 4 at Nu Boyana Studios four months ago. Looks like work on EX4 has been in motion for a while now and well under the radar.

The majority of fans will certainly be disappointed if this was to happen, but the business reality is that Bulgaria is a cheap place to get movies done, and Lerner & Co. who are co-owners in the Bulgarian Studios will probably want to rip the benefits of that cheap fact.

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