Aug 30, 2021

Titles Galore: EX4 or not EX4...?

So it's finally officially confirmed. The fourth THE EXPENDABLES movie is a go and will be filmed in October. 

All clues lead to the spin-off idea A CHRISTMAS STORY in which Jason Statham will take center stage with Sly in a supporting role. One of the questions I ask myself lately and Millennium or Lionsgate will probably ask or have already asked themselves is how to name the movie. A 'normal' sequel with Stallone leading the cast and some high-caliber new additions as seen in the first three movies would be called THE EXPENDABLES 4. No doubt about that. We're talking spin-off though. So what could Lionsgate or Millennium think?

Option 1: 

It's a spin-off, yes, but it's still the fourth EXPENDABLES film. So let's just call it THE EXPENDABLES 4. 

Option 2: 

It's the fourth EXPENDABLES film, right, but we want to make clear that it's a spin-off concentrating more on Statham's character. So let's combine these two things. VoilĂ , THE EXPENDABLES 4: A CHRISTMAS STORY.

Option 3: 

With the 4 in the title everybody will forget the rest of the title. So let's lose the 4 for THE EXPENDABLES: A CHRISTMAS STORY.

Option 4: 

We put the emphasis on the different direction even more and call it A CHRISTMAS STORY: THE EXPENDABLES 4 or A CHRISTMAS STORY: THE EXPENDABLES.

Option 5: 

We need a bold move! The movie's just called A CHRISTMAS STORY. Well... No! 

Personally I'd prefer THE EXPENDABLES: A CHRISTMAS STORY. So let's wait and see what they will come up with. Maybe they dodge A CHRISTMAS STORY altogether and come up with a completely new title... 

Exciting times for an EXPENDABLES fan!

What is your choice for the title?

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