Jan 15, 2012

Jan 16 - 8:30 AM HK Time - EX2 to Start Filiming

A Chinese language website reported an hour ago that filming is set to start this morning Jan 16 HK time. Stallone has already arrived on his private jet and is supposed to show up in Tuen Men at the factory turned into studio to start filming with Li for four consecutive days. There is also speculation that the picture posted by Carpenter on her twitter account was of the jet that transported her & Stallone to HK, Stallone could be seen on the picture but he doesn't have his mustache! There is also still discussion around JCVD's presence in HK and no official confirmation on the purpose of his visit. And finally a new picture of the set and a picture of Li on his way to the set? 

Update: the picture tweeted by Carpenter is not of the jet going to HK. Carpenter confirmed on her twitter account that she won't be shooting in HK.