Jan 15, 2012

EX2 Rated PG-13? Norris Talks EX2

Chuck Norris did an interview today with Bartek Węglarczyk from the Polish Dzień Dobry TVN in which he also talked about his role & experience in EX2. Here's the full interview with Polish voice-over but you could still hear some of the things he says: "that was a fun movie to do because I keep saving all their lives ... I'm like the super hero against Schwarzenegger, Stallone and ... Willis..."

He further added that the movie had a lot of hard language so he asked that all the hardcore language be taken out or he wouldn't do it. Producers have apparently accepted his request and made it a PG-13 film

Personally I didn't find EX1 language particularly coarse, it was mainly rated R for its action scenes. EX2 was originally supposed to be PG-13, the only semi official information on EX2 being rated R came from Megan Nguyen, one of the stunts who stated in an interview that Stallone had pushed to change the rating to R. So maybe the studios never intended to have EX2 rated R and Stallone wasn't able to convince them, who knows.

Fast Five was rated PG-13 and made lots of money so it's understanding that EX2 producers would like to have the same financial destiny for EX2. I remember Avi Lerner wasn't too happy about Rambo IV being rated R because he thought they could have made much more money had the move been less violent. Let's not blame it on Norris until we find out the final rating EX2 is going to get and who really pulled the strings.

Thanks to Expendables Premiere for the news.


  1. Say it ain't so! PLEASE say it ain't so!!!!

  2. EX2 will be sure in rated "R". It will be fight lots and blood as GORE more, like "RAMBO-4". World wides peoples are interesting and fans rated "R". PG-13 as kids if PG-13 will be in EX2 but it will looks not better ACTION. Please EX2 will very surely in "R". Hope we are very exciting new movie EX2 but we like only rated "R". Thanks to EX2 News