Jan 15, 2012

New Set Photo, More Pictures of JCVD & Li in HK

Another Chinese language website posted more pictures in an article related to EX2. Still no news on Stallone or the the rest of the EX team. As I'm posting this it's almost midnight in HK so we don't expect more news to come in today (Eastern Time) but keep our fingers crossed. We are suspecting that filming should start tomorrow Monday HK time. By the time we wake up on the American continent we should be able to see more news and hopefully some on set photos of the EX team.

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  1. Buongiorno Leo of Italy e grazie per il link. I had seen the picture she's on a jet with Stallone on Carpenter's twitter account before and didn't post it because I'm not sure if they are flying out of New Orleans or to HK. It's a strange picture because Stallone doesn't have his mustache and we think that Carpenter is not likely to go to HK. As we get more confirmation I might post it.

    grazie ancora e tuo inglese e buono, migliore del mio italiano

    EX2 Blogman