Aug 11, 2013

Lundgren To Join Stallone in Bulgaria On Time

Earlier reports suggested that Lundgren would not be able to join the EX3 cast in Bulgaria on Aug 19 (production start date) due to a conflict of schedule with the series he's been shooting in South Africa. It was believed that he would only join the set later around mid September after he wrapped in South Africa. But Lundgren has been able to clear his schedule to join the action titans in Bulgaria just in time for the production start date. He should be in Varna for the first action scenes.

Today the following message was posted on his official website: "In a week I'm off to Bulgaria to bring back GUNNER JENSEN to the new Expendables 3 lineup. And what a cast! Sly Stallone has possibly brought more action star to one film than anybody has ever done in the history of Hollywood."

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  1. Looks like this confirms JET LI in this :) Straight from the producer.

    Not sure this has been mentioned yet but Boaz Davidson (executive producer for EX3) posted this on his Facebook yesterday:

    [i]7 Days To Kick Off



    The earth will rumble!!![/i]

    Boaz Davidson: