Sep 13, 2013

Stallone getting LARGE 15 million dollar salary for THE EXPENDABLES 3!

According to THR Stallone will collect another large salary for one of these EXPENDABLES sequels. He got paid 15 million for EX2 and will again get 15 million for EX3. Sly has always been a smart businessman.
Stallone has broken paycheck records in the past during the 1980's and he did it many more times in the 1990's as well. He and Arnold Schwarzenegger paved the way for these large star salaries we see today.
THE EXPENDABLES films have made close to 600 million dollars in WORLDWIDE box-office revenues alone. Sly deserves ever penny of that 15 million.
I wish we knew the breakdown for the other megastars of EX3.

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  1. Interesting that article didn't mention the $50 Million Robert Downey Jr. Made for The Avengers.