Sep 12, 2013

Robert 'DIE HARD' Davi will keep fans updated!

MikeFrenchy of StalloneZone and TheArnoldFans reached out to actor Robert Davi who will next be seen in EX3. Fans know Davi from Die Hard or The Goonies or Raw Deal. This is what MikeFrenchy had to say:
"Well, I just spoke on the phone with Robert Davi, he is going to film in October. He said there will be LOTS of surprises. I asked if I could come on the set for interviews and he said he will ask for me. He was super cool."
I like the part about "LOTS of surprises". MikeFrenchy has a good chance of possibly being on the EX3 set in Bulgaria. How awesome!!! He will keep us posted and we will keep the fans posted. Stay tuned...
Here is a fun fan-made teaser trailer for THE EXPENDABLES 3. Thanks to 'Gufte' who can also be found at StalloneZone :


  1. I think the surprises are already out of the

  2. I don't think that Mickey Rourke, Nicolas Cage, Steven Seagal, Bruce Willis or even Jackie Chan will be in The Expendables 3. Whatever the big surprises will be for this highly anticipated action movie, I highly doubt that it will involve any of those five actors.

  3. im sorry, but why would he give out his fone number to some random guy that makes posters!!!!! and then try get him o nthe set of the film, i smell a rat

  4. Davi has put some of Mike Frenchy's posters on his official Twitter's legit. Don't hate....appreciate.