Sep 2, 2013

Chan Rumored Again!

This Bulgarian news outlet was at the airport trying to film Li's arrival today. This is what they had to say according to the most popular EX fans internet tool the Google translator:

After dynamic secular summer, early in the new television season Bulgaria welcomes yet another world znaminitost - Hollywood star Jet Li . The actor will participate in the third part of " The Expendables ."

A few minutes ' airplane Hollywood star landed at Sofia airport. Recall that in Bulgaria already Jason Statham , Wesley Snipes , Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger , Sylvester Stallone , Dolph Lundgren . They have now been joined by Jet Li . He has not come so far in Bulgaria , although involved in the second part of " The Expendables ," but the pictures then it was in Hong Kong.

Star Jet Li rise in 1981 with the movie " Shaolin Temple ." His first film in Hollywood is in Lethal Weapon 4 ( 1998) , but his first leading role in a film released in Hollywood in the movie Romeo Must Die ( 2000).

Photos in ' Expendables 3 " will fulfilled a dream of Li to participate in a Jackie Chan film . A master of kung fu Jet Li said: " I ​​met Jackie Chan six times , and although many people believe that we are natural enemies , I personally think he is great and I'd love to shoot with it at least once - this will is a great movie! " What I did not know about him is that in any action scenes on screen may Jet is very brave , but when a girl approached him , blushing all because it is very shy. And be careful , because she might beat him to death , but if you touch his hair , he'll kill you."


  1. I do hope Jackie Chan is in the film somehow.

  2. Have to believe Chan is too big for just a secret cameo. They would use his name for advertising. I don't think he is in, unfortunately.