Oct 24, 2013

More EX3 Tidbits

Although principle EX3 filming is finished, EX4 is already being talked about by the Bulgarians, according to this article. Rambo V is mentioned to be made there, also.

"So it has been with " The Expendables ." This will also be the next Rambo , and the " Expendables 4" for which Stallone was going to return to Sofia. If , of course, native politicians decide forever to put Bulgaria on the map of the world's largest film industry by law for film incentives."

Mel Gibson stopped for a few pictures on his way out of Bulgaria....

And a couple more Sly pics.....


  1. It's a great idea for Sly to continue to have some of his future movies filmed in Bulgaria to cut the production costs down significantly. I do expect there to be an Expendables 4, but I'm still not convinced that there will ever be a Rambo V. I've wanted Rambo V to get made ever since the fourth Rambo movie was released in the theaters in 2008.

  2. Italian actor Giulio Berruti

  3. If filming in Bulgaria is what it takes for EX4 and Rambo V, then I am OK with that.