Oct 23, 2013

Stallone: Physical Clash with Arnold Last One

Stallone declared in a recent interview while promoting his latest movie Escape Plan that:
"For Arnold and I not to physically clash in the film, I think that would be a tremendous disappointment" 

"It seems like I've gone through just about every cinematic character, from Mr T, to Dolph Lundgren, to Apollo Creed, to Hulk Hogan, and hundreds of others... but this would probably be the last one.

"I thought Jean-Claude Van Damme was going to be the last one in The Expendables 2, but then there was Arnold. We had to give the audience a certain kind of satisfaction to really play into what people have wanted to see for many years. So people are expecting fireworks and they get it."

So what about his clash with Gibson in EX3 and no clash in EX4? I still like to see a clash with Seagal.


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  2. Yeah a clash with Seagal would be great ..

  3. So we will see him against Arnold in EX3?