May 28, 2016

Lundgren Talks EX4

It's been very difficult to report any news on EX4 since there hasn't been any! There is no sign whatsoever of whether the project has been put on hold (or even dead) or secretly in the works. Even Lundgren, who was recently interviewed by HEYUGUYS on his new movie KC2, doesn't seem to know much about the future of EX4. Here's what he had to say:

HUG: There’s been some speculation about an Expendables 4 – is it something that you are keen to revisit at all and has Sly spoken to you about it at all?
DL: I haven’t talked to him about it, I kind of leave it up to him. Yeah, if it comes about it would probably be next summer. Usually those films are shot in the fall so it may be next year. I know he was side tracked a little because of the success of Creed, and of course the fact he was nominated for an Academy Award and all of that. He should have won, by the way! I think if it comes back, I’d give it another shot. It would be fun.
HUG: Who would you personally want to work with on Expendables 4 if it happens?
DL: Well, obviously there are icons like Clint Eastwood so that would be wonderful. There are other guys like Kurt Russell and Jackie Chan as well. I am trying to think of action people that haven’t been in it! Jackie Chan for sure, he’d be really cool.