Jan 16, 2024

Dolph Lundgren's opinion on EX4 and the future...

Dolph Lundgren was recently asked in an interview on why he thought Expendables 4 didn’t succeed on the same level as the previous instalments. I think it’s great to hear someone involved in the movie actually speaking honestly:

That project had issues from the beginning, and it usually starts with the script, it really didn't have a good script. I'm not playing the lead, so it's hard for me to weigh in on some of the issues, but I know Stallone wasn't involved, like he usually is. He just played a character in it, and when he's in charge, the quality is going to be pretty good, it doesn't drop below a certain level. But he wasn't involved, so I think the problem was with the script, and then the director was replaced, like, a month before shooting. Also, the picture opened during the strike, which wasn't very clever, so they couldn't do any publicity.

He makes valid points with regards to Sly’s screen time and lack of involvement, as well as the strike that prevented any kind of promotion from the cast. Indeed, director Scott Waugh did come in with only four weeks before shooting got underway, and quite a lot changed during that time and even when filming was underway when you listen to his audio commentary on the home release. It’s interesting to note that the director in place before Waugh was never publicly announced, although some fans speculate it was to be the director of the third film, Patrick Hughes.

The most interesting thing Lundgren had to mention, was that Sly is apparently working on a script for a fifth movie. This is the first we have heard anything about this, so it’s best to take his comment with a pinch of salt. The only way I personally can see another movie happening, is if they take things down a notch so it’s not so over-the-top, refrain from using so much CGI and allow all the members to have their moments to shine one last time. Another option could be the transition into a short TV series, focusing on the side characters more and giving some of the bigger names a cameo role here and there. Alas, we shall have to wait and see what the future brings for our action heroes. The thing with The Expendables is to never say never.