Nov 29, 2013

Lutz: Expendables was dream job - Video

"I got to work with all my heroes. I love action movies so working with Sly, Statham, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas, Jet Li, Arnold, Harrison Ford - what a dream job," he said.
"We were all in a helicopter with everyone piled in and I thought, 'When will this happen again?' And Arnold had his tag line, 'Get to the chopper!' Everyone loved being there, everyone was so much fun to work with."
Kellan plays a character known as Smilee and joked his name doesn't reflect his true nature.
" Smilee doesn't smile, that's for sure," he quipped. " My character is the leader of the young Expendables - Sly has to recruit some younger guns because the older guys are showing some wear and tear."
The actor hailed Jason as a real-life hero after his truck rolled into the Black Sea as they filmed in Bulgaria.
"Jason's a beast. He's a stuntman so he knows how to take care of himself," he recalled. "He went into saviour mode and wanted to take care of everyone. He wasn't concerned about himself. Hats off to Jason."
Kellan also described Mel Gibson as a "genius", saying: "I had a scene with him and he is just the genius to work with. I've been a huge fan of him.
"For Hercules, I watched Braveheart every single day on set because he had some of the most epic battle scenes and battle yells so it was fun talking to him about that."

Here's the link to the Video - 1:55 Mark.

Nov 25, 2013

Very good fan-made teaser for EX3 and a reminder of Homefront!

The very talented MikeFrenchy of both StalloneZone and TheArnoldFans has put together this EX3 teaser trailer to help with the wait until the official one arrives...enjoy!

Also, here is Sly and Jason from the set of EX3 reminding action fans of their latest collaboration together, HOMEFRONT. It opens Thanksgiving weekend.

Here are some international spots for HOMEFRONT pushing "FROM SYLVESTER STALLONE". Statham should thank his lucky stars that Stallone has brought HUGE success to his career by casting him in these commercial movies:

Nov 24, 2013

EXPENDABLES trailers always KICK ASS!!!

Remember these AMAZING trailers:



The first teaser trailer for THE EXPENDABLES 3 is upon us and should make its debut sometime in DECEMBER. Let the hype begin and let the kick ass marketing campaign commence. If the EX3 trailers are as good as the ones for the first two BLOCKBUSTERS then we are in for a treat!

Nov 18, 2013

Conrad's Wife (Kristina) is Played by Natalie Burn

Contrary to the popular belief that Conrad's (Gibson) wife/girlfriend in EX3 was played by the Israeli Actress Sarai Givaty (Camilla), Natalie Burn did actually play Conrad's wife Kristina!

She's the actress that published a few pictures a couple of weeks ago with the EX3 cast that I posted on EXBlog.

Natalia Guslistaya (Natalie Burn) is an actress, choreographer, soloist in many classical and modern ballet performances and stunt player. She danced in the Bolshoi Theater, La Scala, the Royal National Theater and other legendary venues. She is a member of the renowned Actors Studio in New York and West Hollywood, California. She is a film and theater actress, also known as dance and music clip producer.

This is not the first time she plays alongside an Expendable. In 2011 she played Elianna with Lundgren in "In the Name of the King: Two Worlds".

Here's the link to her website if you'd like to know more about her.

Sly & Mel Pics

Nov 17, 2013

Random EX3 Pics

Ford on Set
Rousey & JJ
The Expendables Plane

Love on Set

Mel Gibson has reportedly been flirting with Sarai Givaty who plays Camilla in EX3.

Gibson has been getting on well with the Israeli beauty on the set of 'Expendables 3' and insiders say he has won her over with his charm and Sarai loves being with him.

The source added to National Enquirer magazine: ''She thinks he's very charming. They love each other's company.''

Way to go Mel...

Nov 15, 2013

Expendables Knives

Check out this site for a cool look at the man who created the Expendables knives, Gil Hibben. There isn't anything on the site specifically about EX3, but a great read, still.

More EX3 Pics

News about a possible EX3 teaser trailer!!!

Remember the good old days of 'stand-alone' teaser the ones for TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY or RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II or ROCKY IV....

I love those above teasers made just for the film. Nothing from those teasers were in the actual movies. The good old days! Well, the good old days might be back because word from Szoner 'JOX' is that THE EXPENDABLES 3 could have a 'stand-alone' teaser trailer in the works (and hopefully it debuts next month in December)....

"They shot a stand-alone teaser (like the good old days with Rocky IV, T2 etc...) which I hope will be really cool."

Nov 14, 2013

Couture: There’s already talk of a 4

Exclusive Interview by CraveOnline

CraveOnline: Stallone brought Ronda Rousey in for Expendables 3 and she’s a real fighter.

Randy Couture: Yes, Ronda and Victor Ortiz are both in the third movie and both great at what they do. Ronda for all intents and purposes is the queen of mixed martial arts right now, and Victor Ortiz is a very, very accomplished professional boxer, both getting ready for competition so it was fun to be around and get to know both of them on a more personal level. Both very, very good fighters and good people.

How is Ronda making the transition for her first movie?

I was actually very impressed. She showed up every day ready to go, prepared. There was no drama, no issues, no nothing. I know my own experience going into my very first movie was a little overwhelming and it can be kind of nerve wracking when you don’t know what to expect. I thought she handled it with grace and ease. She did a great job.

Will we see her as a very difference character than we know her as in the ring?

You know, I think that Sly had her in mind when he wrote the character of Luna so I don’t think it’s going to be a huge stretch for her on the acting front to portray Luna in a real way. Obviously being an Expendable is a very physical thing and Ronda is a physical athlete so she’ll pull that off with no problem.

CraveOnline: What’s next for you? Will it be Expendables 3?

Randy Couture: We just finished shooting Expendables 3 so I’m free and clear of that. Obviously there’ll be some voiceover work and things to pick up as they get into the editing process. I’m excited to start to see some of the finished product and see what Patrick Hughes has put together.

Were there any new physical challenges on Expendables 3?

Being in a foreign country and grinding out 12-14 hour days for six days a week is always a challenge, both mentally and physically. I enjoyed the process, got to do some things I hadn’t done before that were a lot of fun. Spent a lot of time in a lot of scenes with Dolph Lundgren again and also with Wesley Snipes who was fun to be around and had a really, really good time working together.

As much as the action, one of the great things about the Expendables movies is the dialogue between all the guys. Did you have some fun lines to exchange with Snipes?

Absolutely, some good stuff happens and I don’t think there’s anybody better than Sly at coming up with those one-liners kind of straight from the locker room, straight from guys being guys. He does a great job. Patrick relied on him to fill instances where it felt like he needed to fill something and put something in. It always came out great, we laughed a lot and had a great time. To work with some of these stunt coordinators and the respect that they show me and allow me to have a say in what I’m comfortable doing and what I think should be done has been fun. J.J., with Expendables 3, was remarkable. He is a great coordinator and I think you’re going to like a lot of the stuff that he does in Expendables 3.

That’s J.J. Perry? I met him a couple years ago. He did Safe with Jason Statham. Did he not work on the previous Expendables?

No, he did not. It was the same crew of stunt people but it was Chad Stahelski from 87Eleven was the one for Expendables 2. So I didn’t get a chance to rub elbows with J.J. in 1 or 2. It was great. I think everybody’s going to appreciate a lot of the things we got to do in this movie.

J.J. always puts himself in some of the scenes as some of the background fighters. Did he do that in Expendables 3?

You know, a lot of that stuff gets shot in second unit. I would suspect that. I know he was very hands on everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn up.

Have you ever talked to Stallone about writing something in the MMA world?

No, I haven’t talked to him about that. Conversations we usually end up having are, “Okay, what’s the next installment of The Expendables going to look like? Where does the story go? What are we going to do? Is it going to be someplace warm this time for crying out loud?”

Do you think there’s going to be Expendables 4?

There’s already talk of a 4. I don’t see how 3 isn’t going to be successful and nobody does this better than Sly. He’s got a great group behind him with Avi Lerner and Lionsgate and Millennium so I don’t see how there’s not going to be a 4.

Random EX3 Photos; Not Seen Before

Nov 13, 2013

Lundgren: Stallone Took a Backseat

In an interview with Film Ink, Lundgren spoke about EX3 and explained how Stallone took the backseat with regards to directing:

So, Patrick Hughes, an Australian director made Expendables 3. How was that experience and does Pat direct or does Sly direct?
“No, no, no, Pat directed, he was very good and Stallone was actually very happy with him from what I could see and really took a backseat. I’ve done a couple of movies, let’s see with Sly, I’ve done one, two, three and this is the fourth so you know, two of them he directed and he tends to kind of take over but he was quite good on this one, relaxed, because he believed in Patrick and he said so. I think everybody felt good about it and well, I think people feel it’s going to be the best one so far. It’s a grittier kind of movie, there’s some great one liners, it’s kind of more brutal and there’s the cast as well of course.
Pat is of that generation, he would’ve seen you as Ivan Drago and all that and he wasn’t intimidated by the cast?
Well you know, I’m sure he was a little bit, you know by me and by Arnold and by Jet Li and Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson and a few others as well…

Nov 9, 2013

Chan, Seagal, Cage & Jovovich: The Untold Story

EX3's Production has wrapped and we know for sure that Chan Seagal, Cage & Jovovich who were strongly rumored and some of them even confirmed by Lerner & Stallone, are not in the movie. 

To me Chan & Seagal are must-have for the Expendables Franchise and if the series end here they will always be missed. So what happened? How come the much sought after Chan, Seagal, Cage and the strongly rumored Jovovich who were in advanced negotiation did not appear in the 3rd installment?

Some might still think that all the talks about the aforementioned actors were just rumors, and some might think that some of them were offered a role and talked to at some point and things didn't work out. Well one thing is for sure, all four actors had roles written for them at some point that either went to other actors or got written off before production begun.

-Chan: He was strongly rumored and even confirmed by Stallone, Lundgren & Crews in different interviews. A role was even written for him but was then taken out of the script after he declined to take part in EX3. Why he didn't want to be in the greatest reunion of action icons, is still unknown. He claimed to have had a conflicting schedule, but some say his ego didn't allow him to accept a supporting role in the movie. Who knows...One thing is for sure, this is the 2nd time the opportunity was missed. 

-Seagal: He was demanded, despite what some of his fans might say about his quarrel with Lerner being the reason for him to never have had the chance to be in the franchise. Stallone tried hard to get him. Earlier rumors about him teaming up with the Expendables to fight Gibson were not unfounded. The role that went to Banderas was initially written for him. What happened; Seagal might have had the same ego problem that some attribute to Chan, or a conflicting schedule? Unlike Chan, Seagal has chosen to remain silent about the whole thing. Another missed opportunity...

-Cage: probably the most mysterious story of all. He was confirmed many times, not only by Lerner, Stallone and other fellow Expendables actors, but by the EX Facebook page itself. Although he kept declining his participation in the movie in many different interviews, the franchise stakeholders kept affirming that he would be in the 3rd installment. As a matter of fact the role of Bonaparte that finally ended up going to Grammer was written for him from the beginning. But obviously Cage didn't want to be in the movie, he probably thinks he's beyond all this, his loss. The franchise doesn't need him as much as it needed Chan & Seagal in my opinion.

-Jovovich: the least important of the four actors, her participation would have been nice but no more than that. She won't be missed. She was supposed to be in the movie until the last minute while EX3 was still in production. The role of Camilla that went to Givaty was hers. But Lerner preferred to keep Jovovich for other movies and went for Givaty who had previously worked for him in Hercules. The announcement of "Survivor" was not a coincidence while EX3 was in production. And there is also the possibility of seeing her in the female version of the Expendables.

Despite missing Chan & Seagal, EX3 has a great cast and is strongly said to be the best of the three. Will we ever see Chan & Seagal in an Expendables movie? 50/50 I'd say. It all depends on how the fourth chapter will be dealt with. With Stallone's recent statement who seems to be seeing EX3 as the last of the series, and Lerrner planning to have it filmed next year, everything is still possible or maybe impossible! 

Nov 8, 2013

No EX4 for Stallone?

In a phone interview with Speakeasy Stallone sounded like he might not continue with the EX franchise, at least this is the impression I'm getting from reading it, judge for yourself:

Ryan Coolger is coming off his debut film, “Fruitvale Station,” and diving into the canon of Rocky Balboa. Why’d you say yes?

Sylvester Stallone: 

I was very interested in the premise. It’s not “Rocky 7,” it’s not near that at all. Rocky is retired, kind of set adrift. He’s very lonely in his world. His life has gone by waiting for the inevitable. The grandson of most beloved friend died in his arms and he was visiting him and this relationship starts. This person comes from an entirely different culture side of the world, and something happens that’s incredibly dramatic and profound. This is a drama, not me getting in the ring.

But why reprise the role?

I thought this would be something very unique, to be able to take this character and go another generation with it and still have him be vital and relevant. Wow, that’s unique. I believe that the last film I did, “Expendables III” we took it to the max and I thought, there isn’t much further I can go with this. So I started to speak to the powers that be. I want to go back and do films like “Cop Land” and the early “Rocky”’s. I’m not giving up the action film but now it’s a suspense movie, it’s a bit more emotional.


Nov 7, 2013

Ford Confirms Scenes with Stallone Only

In an interview with the French magazine Paris Match Ford confirmed that he only knew Arnold through environmental initiatives which he took part when Arnold was the Governor of California but didn't know him more than that. He further confirmed that he didn't know Stallone and only shot scenes with him in EX3 (sorry no scenes with Arnold even though they appeared on the same picture together). Stallone impressed Ford by his talent, Ford added that the EX franchise pioneer is intelligent, works hard and is generous with his partners.

When asked if he still did his own stunts, Ford responded that getting out of his bed was a stunt nowadays. The only scene involving him in action was in a helicopter that was suspended by a cable, so no major risk there.

Statham Talks EX3, Teases the Beggining of the Movie

Visiting the radio show "Opie & Anthony", Statham talked a little bit about EX3 and teased the beginning of the movie with Snipes. You can listen to Statham by clicking here, play the video at the 17:15 mark (Spoiler Alert!).

Thanks to Team for the info.

Haval H8 to star in Expendables 3

Nothing to get too excited about. Haval H8 a Chinese made car was apparently used in EX3 so claims this Chinese car website. Read the rest here if you are interested.

Nov 4, 2013

Only way to top Mel Gibson is to hire Al Pacino (for EX4)!

Getting Mel Gibson to play the main bad guy in THE EXPENDABLES 3 was a godsend. Sly originally offered Mel the directing gig, but thank the lucky stars he turned it down and instead will play CONRAD STONEBANKS (the co-creator of the expendables crew).

So where do we go now with THE EXPENDABLES 4 after getting someone of Mel's stature. We need someone Iconic in both the acting department and in presence. Someone with whom you think can bring a great threat to not only the world, but to the expendables team. May I recommend AL "Tony Montana" PACINO...

Listen to this pitch -- So we know that Avi Lerner is already having ideas for having EX4 set in Cuba. Avi was quoted as saying "The action will be developed in Cuba, but only if Fidel Castro is still alive, otherwise the story will change."

Al Pacino would be the perfect actor to play a Fidel Castro type threat to the expendables team. I will go even further and say that Al should channel his inner TONY MONTANA and be a cocaine sniffing psychopathic killer/leader. One who wants to start another WORLD WAR (or something like that). Get Nicolas Cage to be his right hand man and we are talking!!!

Al hardly acts these days and he even joked once on a talkshow appearance about starring in an Expendables movie.

Sly and Avi, if you guys are listening -- to top Mel Gibson with EX3, you will need to hire AL PACINO for EX4! And he must be sniffing cocaine in almost every scene!

P.S. And while we are talking casting additions:

Clint Eastwood
Kiefer Sutherland
Gerard Butler
Russell Crowe
Hugh Jackman
Jackie Chan
Kurt Russell
Steven Seagal

New EX3 Photos

Nov 3, 2013

The EX Franchise Cast Chart (+EX4 Wishlist)

The Expendables




Barney Ross

Sylvester Stallone

Lee Christmas

Jason Statham

Yin Yang

Jet Li

Trench Mauser

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Gunner Jensen

Dolph Lundgren

Toll Road

Randy Couture

Hale Caesar

Terry Crews

Mr. Church

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis


Charisma Carpenter


Mickey Rourke

James Munroe

Eric Roberts

Dan Paine

Steve Austin

General Garza

David Zayas

Sandra Garza

Giselle ItiƩ

The Brit

Gary Daniels

Jean Vilain

Jean-Claude Van Damme


Chuck Norris

Billy the Kid

Liam Hemsworth

Maggie Chan

Yu Nan


Scott Adkins

Conrad Stonebanks

Mel Gibson

Max Drummer

Harrison Ford


Antonio Banderas


Wesley Snipes


Kelsey Grammer


Kellan Lutz


Ronda Rousey


Glen Powell


Victor Ortiz

Goran Vata

Robert Davi


Steven Seagal


Jackie Chan


Iko Uwais


Kurt Russell


Donnie Yen


Michael Dudikoff


Tony Jaa


Lorenzo Lamas