May 25, 2019

More Hints to EX4

After a couple of hints by Sly & Couture early this month, more hints to an upcoming EX4 have been captured in interviews with Lundgren and the franchise's producer Avi Lerner.

In a sport related interview, Lundgren mentions that he is working with Sly on "possibly an Expendables 4".

And in an interview during this year's Cannes festival, Lerner mentions that another Expendables movie is part of his upcoming projects.

We seem to be getting closer to EX4...

May 6, 2019

Couture: EX4 Filming in the Summer

Couture is at it again. In an interview with MMA Core, he shared that  there is a script for EX4 that he’s excited to read, and that filming should start in the summer. He further shares that things have been going back and forth with Sly for the past couple of years, who was busy with Escape Plan, Creed and Rambo but has now come around and ready to shoot EX4. 

It's not the first time that Couture has given out info on production dates that did not transpire, but given the recent hypes around the movie, he might be right  this time.

May 4, 2019

Sly (Kinda) Reconfirms EX4

Promoting Rambo 5 and Rocky 7!!! on his Instagram, Sly confirmed back to an EX4 craving fan that  the upcoming installment will be the best in the series and that we had to be patient. Easy for you to say Sly, we’ve been patient since 2015!