Jan 26, 2012

Crews Going Too Far Now

After trying to give fans some hope by posting positive statements like: "I kill more baddies in the first 3 min of EX2 than I did the whole last movie. Don't let the smooth taste fool you", Crews has started going negative on the EX fans to the point that one could interpret his statements as disrespectful.

First he posted that "It's PG-13. Do you really think only men 40 and over saw the first one? The kids bought tickets to "Eat Pray Love" and walked right into "The Expendables". In fact, they were YOUR kids." Then he added: "I get it. I really do. But boobs and blood do not a good movie make. You don't want to go. Don't go. I respect it. But you will miss the greatest thing you've ever seen."
A few hours ago he's gone too far by saying this:


Sorry we lost you. But hey, when you come out of the 80's, the rest of the world will still be here. On the last one, kids had to sneak into the theater to see it. Now it'll be all you tough guys who are vowing to boycott number 2. See ya in the theater. (Your disguise isn't working)."

He's gone too far and is disrespecting the true fans of EX who helped the first movie to be the success it was and allowed the greedy producers to make money so they could make a sequel to make more money but they've gone beyond greed and are prepared to dump those who helped them in the first place hoping they would make much more money on kids.

This is the height of hypocrisy coming from someone who defended Terminator 4 against PG-13 after he was written off by saying "No man, they cut me because they wanted to keep the movie PG-13. Can you imagine? This is a Terminator movie! I had a good role as Captain Jericho cussing out John Connor and talking down to him. I was giving him lots of orders and shouting at him to get his *beep* head out of his ass. Because, you know, Connor had to still prove himself and not everyone believed him to be our savior. So I'm going off on him and cussing him out."

My friends & I had decided to stay positive and defend EX2 even with a PG-13 rating, but after all this and the fact that no one is coming out to appease the fans with some positive statements or a message of hope saying they have heard fans out, we are seriously considering if we should keep supporting this masquerade any longer. So disappointed...


  1. You're overreacting just a little don't you think? Terry is just saying even though you're disappointed about the rating and saying you're not going to see it, most people saying this are going to see it anyway (they just won't admit it, hence a disguise).

    His tone is polite compared to some of the rude/disrespectful comments people are saying towards Sly and the producers.

    1. No. That comment is ridiculous. The first Expendables was 'Hollywood' and was still good. This could have been an R and been great. Now it's going to disappoint all the TRUE fans who made the first one famous and successful and only appeal to people who will go see anything and who are younger. They aren't the target audience. The cast, the plot, the whole thing is geared to classic action movie fans. They are now not being catered for. So, yes, FUCK the lot of them who agreed to this happening. End of story.

    2. I liked the first movie and loved the Director's cut. My point is this post by the Ex2 blog folks against Terry is ridiculous. He's being honest. 90% of those saying they are going to boycott the movie are actually going to see it. I wish it was a HARD R rating but that's not going to happen. I think Avi from Lionsgate is a complete ass. I think Sly should have stood up and said I'm not going to do this unless its the move people want to see.

      My point is stop ripping Terry for being honest. He's not saying anything bad against fans of The Expendables.

  2. "Great" publicity for EX2:




    Never thought this Franchise would become such a joke !

    i'm not gonna embarass myself anymore and support this pussified kid movie

  3. Jamie Foxx talks about Terry Crews :


  4. Brand new pg 13 poster


  5. here is terry crews latest message, what a stupid child, he has gone insane:

    I don't need anyone speaking for me regarding EX2. The "true action fans" didn't want me in the first place. Now they are acting like they made me. I never was an action star. Ever. But I stood among the best and held my own. Just like I'll stand face to face and toe to toe with anyone who feels they can vote me out. Whether you like it or not, I'm the baddest ass you are ever going to see. Period. I'm ready to die. Are you?

  6. Terry Crews... what the hell are you doing? It's a shame that when we finally get all these guys in the same movie.. the movie some of us have been waiting for ten's of years, it becomes kind of a joke. What did they expect? I'm not supporting this movie. This PG-13 is a joke. I'll see it, but i'm not gonna pay for it. Sure it probably makes money, but a lot of people are gonna feel really disappointed. Not that they care as long as they make money.

  7. Oh come on guys, because of Crews and your going all emotional about it? Its just Terry Crews. And I don't blame him that much. If you scour over the net, the hate for this film has become enormous just because of a damn rating??

    Don't get all emotional guys.

    By the way, Megan Nguyen talks Expendables II and tells that Sly wanted it rated R before the switch. Fans need to watch this and listen. This is not Sly's fault entirely.


  8. We already reported on Nguyen's interview: http://expendables-2.blogspot.com/2012/01/ex2-pg-13.html

  9. You guys really think he would bad mouth a movie he is getting paid for that hasn't released yet? When you are an actor you support your movie and say how great it is. Regardless of how stupid it is. That's what the cast of Dragonball: Evolution did. Get over it.