Oct 29, 2019

Arnold Out of EX4 If Not Written Well

Arnold gave an interview to his fan site where he briefly talks about the Expendables 4. 

Asked if the fourth installment was finally coming; he responded that he has nothing to do with it at this point but that can change very quickly. He further explains "I have not seen it because I have told them that I would never do another one if the story is not written well for me."

I find it strange that Couture has received the script and not Arnold!! Unless his part was so bad that the producers didn't dare send it to him. Now I wonder if Couture was pulling off another one of his rumors when he claimed to have read the script.

The making of EX4 has taken a life of its own and once again looks less than more likely to ever happen. 

Oct 8, 2019

Couture Reconfirms EX4

In a new interview given very recently, Couture reiterates his involvement in a new Expendables movie. He asserts that he has been in the procession of the script and that EX4 is happening. Filming has been pushed to next spring as he had announced in an interview that was previously posted here, and this time he explains that the postponement of the production was due to some scheduling conflicts (Sly’s Samaritan maybe).

Couture seems to be very confident that EX4 is happening and this time he seems to be more informed of the movie’s development and progress. He’s been wrong before but I feel like giving him the benefit of the doubt this time. 

Oct 3, 2019

EX4 Now Set To Release in 2021

After my hope of seeing a new Expendables movie was starting to fade away, Couture may have just given me something to hang onto. I know he’s known for unreliable news and what he says doesn’t always turn into reality but this time I think he’s giving out solid information with some good details.

He recently gave a YouTube interview where he discusses EX4 in some good details:

The script was sent to him a month ago. He thinks it has the potential to be the best movie yet in the series.

Production was scheduled to start this fall but has now been postponed to next spring. I bet this happened due to scheduling conflict with Samaritan or maybe Sly signed up for that project knowing that EX4 was going to be delayed.

Toll Road is back and has some good parts but not more screen time than the usual.

All the old guys are back!!

The story-line is timely he says and people are going to love it, it'll be huge.

Starting next Spring, production will then last for 3 months and 9 months of post, so he thinks that the movie will only be released in 2021.

I hope he’s right this time and what he’s giving out is reliable.

It’s been a roller coaster of a story this making of the EX4 but let’s hope again.