Oct 28, 2023

Assessing the Expendables Franchise Through Key Metrics

Now that "Expend4bles" has completed its theatrical run, let's analyze the data outlining key metrics for each installment in The Expendables franchise. These metrics span global box office earnings, IMDb ratings, Cinemascores, Metascores, and Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

The data paints a clear picture of The Expendables franchise experiencing a decline across multiple dimensions after the 2nd movie.

On the other hand, the evaluation across box office success, critical acclaim, viewer ratings, and audience scores reveals a clear zenith within The Expendables series— "The Expendables 2." With its global box office dominance, positive reception from both critics and audiences, and superior ratings, it stands tall as the epitome of the franchise. It's unfortunate that the subsequent installments didn't capitalize on its success and failed to surpass it. 

Oct 8, 2023

Oct 5, 2023

Still impressive numbers!

Worlwide box office:

EX1 --- $274,470,394

EX2 --- $314,975,955

EX3 --- $214,657,577

EX4 ---   $60,992,723



Oct 4, 2023

"The Expendables Hellbent" - Updated Plot

A clandestine nemesis from Barney (Sylvester Stallone) and Trench's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) past resurfaces, setting off a deadly game of deception. As the CIA and MI6 unwittingly pit Barney's and Trench's teams against each other in pursuit of the elusive villain, personal vendettas and explosive revelations threaten to tear them apart. In a final reckoning, loyalties are tested, alliances shattered, and sacrifices made in the shadows of justice.

Opening Act:

The film opens with a flashback, shedding light on a mission from Barney and Trench's earlier years led by the charismatic and enigmatic Alexander Havoc (Steven Seagal). Utilizing de-aging technology, younger versions of Barney, Trench, Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), and Doc (Wesley Snipes) execute a covert operation under Havoc's leadership. The screen fades in, revealing a covert operation in a dense, rain-soaked jungle.

The jungle comes alive with the sounds of unseen creatures as Barney, Trench, Stonebanks, Doc, and Havoc move like shadows through the dense foliage. Their objective, a hidden enemy base, looms ahead, shrouded in darkness. Rain pours relentlessly, adding to the ominous atmosphere.

Barney leads the way, his eyes sharp, senses heightened. He signals the team to spread out as they approach the perimeter. Suddenly, a sentry turns, sensing a presence. Without hesitation, Barney moves in with lethal precision, swiftly taking down the unsuspecting guard with a silent, efficient strike. The team advances, maintaining their cover.

Trench, a hulking figure, moves like a silent juggernaut through the undergrowth. His combat knife glints in the moonlight as he dispatches two guards with swift, powerful blows. The enemies fall before they can even sound an alarm. Trench's imposing presence keeps the rest of the guards at bay.

Stonebanks utilizes his strategic mind, surveying the area for potential threats. His suppressed weapon fires with deadly accuracy, eliminating threats from a distance. His movements are calculated, leaving no room for error. Stonebanks signals to the team that the path is clear, but tension lingers.

Doc, a master of close-quarters combat, moves like a phantom through the shadows. Unarmed, he relies on his speed and agility, incapacitating enemies with lightning-fast strikes. His movements are a dance, a deadly ballet that leaves adversaries crumpled on the ground.

Havoc, the enigmatic leader, takes a vantage point, surveying the surroundings. His eyes, weathered by experience, miss nothing. His silenced pistol barks in the night, taking out threats with surgical precision. Havoc's calm demeanor contrasts with the chaos unfolding around them.

As the team infiltrates deeper into the base, they encounter a larger group of enemy soldiers. A fierce firefight ensues. Barney takes cover behind a crate, exchanging gunfire with the enemy. His movements are tactical, precise. Each shot finds its mark. The jungle echoes with the staccato rhythm of gunfire.

Trench, the powerhouse, charges forward, mowing down enemies with his heavy machine gun. His presence intimidates the remaining foes, creating chaos in their ranks. Bullets fly, and Trench's unrelenting assault keeps the enemy pinned down.

Stonebanks, using his sniper skills, targets enemy commanders, destabilizing their leadership. His shots are like thunder, disrupting the cohesion of the opposing force. The enemies scramble, disoriented and desperate.

Doc, using his agility, weaves through the battlefield like a phantom. His knife dances in his hands, dispatching foes with precision. He moves seamlessly between cover, leaving confusion in his wake.

Havoc, with his silenced pistol, picks off enemies who stray too close. His movements are deliberate, ensuring that no threat goes unnoticed. His calm amidst the storm is a testament to his seasoned expertise.

The team, a well-oiled machine, pushes deeper into enemy territory. The enemies, desperate and enraged, mount a counterattack. In the midst of the chaos, a sniper's bullet rings out. Havoc is struck, his body collapsing without a sound. The team freezes, the rain falling harder as the reality of Havoc's fall sets in. The mysterious assassin remains hidden, their mission taking a tragic turn.

The aftermath of the failed mission unfolds in a dimly lit, smoke-filled room where the team confronts Trench accusing him of failing to protect Havoc.

Havoc's death becomes a haunting specter over the team, leading to Trench's departure. The sense of betrayal and loss lingers, setting the stage for a vendetta that will resurface years later. Barney and Stonebanks decide to form their own team called The Expendables, haunted by the unresolved quest to uncover the identity of Havoc's killer.

Act 2: Shadows Resurface

In the dimly lit, smoke-filled war room of the Expendables' secret headquarters, Christmas (Jason Statham) huddles with Toll Road (Randy Couture), Gunnar (Dolph Lundgren), Doc, Galgo (Antonio Banderas), and Fury (Maggie Q). The air is thick with anticipation as they await the unfolding mission details.

Christmas, now the de facto leader, faces a screen projecting the stern visage of MI6's Myles (Liam Neeson). His gravelly voice cuts through the room, "Expendables, MI6 has identified Tartan Mauve (Keanu Reeves) as the mastermind behind a series of devastating attacks and killings of numerous MI6 agents. His henchmen, Cobra (Joe Manganiello) and Viper (Alan Ritchson), are lethal adversaries. Your mission is to eliminate them and neutralize the threat they pose to global security."

As Myles outlines the mission parameters, the room buzzes with discussions among the team. Toll Road expresses concerns about the formidable reputation of Tartan's henchmen. Gunnar, his towering presence casting a shadow over the room, grunts in agreement, emphasizing the need for a strategic approach.

Doc, ever the pragmatic one, dissects the available intelligence, raising questions about the nature of Tartan's operations. Galgo, the wildcard of the team, chimes in with his signature humor, injecting a momentary levity amidst the tension. Fury, the silent but deadly sniper, observes the proceedings with a keen eye, her focus unwavering.

Meanwhile, in a high-tech CIA briefing room, Trench and his team receive their own set of directives. Mr. X (Kurt Russel), a seasoned CIA operative, briefs them on the situation. Bulldog (Michael Dudikoff), a seasoned tactician, absorbs the details with a sharp focus. Specter (Jackie Chan), Trench's second in command, the martial arts maestro, listens intently, his calm demeanor belying the storm of capabilities beneath the surface.

Wraith (Carl Weathers), the former boxer turned elite operative, studies the maps and potential conflict zones with a discerning eye. Phantom (Lorenzo Lamas), with his martial arts background, silently absorbs the information, readying himself for the challenges ahead.

The discussions between Trench and the CIA operative delve into the intricacies of the mission. Bulldog, drawing on years of tactical expertise, proposes a multi-pronged approach to catch Tartan off guard. Specter, a man of few words, expresses the need for precision and finesse in dealing with the henchmen.

As the mission plans solidify, a holographic map of Tartan's potential location materializes in the center of the room. The teams, though miles apart, are synchronized in their resolve. Trench's team, driven by duty and loyalty, prepares to engage the enemy head-on.

Back in the Expendables' war room, Christmas addresses his team, "We might not have the backing of governments, but we've got each other. Let's do what we do best – hunt down the bad guys." The team nods in unison, a silent understanding passing between them.

The CIA and MI6 had unwittingly set in motion a deadly game, pitting two elite teams against a common enemy. As the Expendables and Trench's team gear up for the impending mission, the shadows of their shared past cast long over their present, hinting at a reckoning yet to unfold in the shadows of justice.

Act 3: The Deadly Confrontation

Christmas's team, on the trail of Tartan Mauve, inadvertently stumbles upon Trench's team in the heart of a dark and desolate urban landscape. The atmosphere is tense, with the air thickened by the mutual distrust between the two teams. Christmas leads the charge, flanked by Toll Road, the unpredictable Galgo, the fierce Fury, and Doc. On the other side, Trench stands firm with his team - Bulldog, Specter, Wraith , and Phantom.

The setting is a labyrinthine urban battleground, where shadows play tricks on the eyes and every alley holds the potential for an ambush. As Christmas's team cautiously advances, weapons at the ready, Trench's team emerges from the darkness, creating a standoff under flickering streetlights.

The tension escalates, reaching a breaking point when Wraith, in a moment of confusion, misidentifies Toll Road as an imminent threat. The urban silence is shattered by the discharge of weapons, and Toll Road, the towering and robust member of Christmas's team, takes the hit. His body, once an imposing force, crumples to the ground.

The echoes of gunfire fade as Christmas rushes to Toll Road's side. The anguish on Christmas's face is palpable as he cradles his fallen comrade, realizing the tragic error that has transpired.

In the aftermath of the tragic incident, emotions run high. Grief and misunderstanding grip Christmas, who, fueled by a desire for vengeance, firmly believes that Trench and his team are colluding with Tartan Mauve.

As the two teams reluctantly disengage from their encounter, the stage is set for a fierce vendetta, where personal emotions will intertwine with the larger mission to bring down Tartan Mauve and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy that has torn the two teams apart.

Act 4: Unraveling Deceptions

In the aftermath of Toll Road's fall, Barney decides to come out of retirement and help Christmas avenge their fallen brother. The atmosphere in the Expendables' war room is tense as Barney sifts through a trove of classified documents, attempting to connect the dots that had remained elusive for years. The flickering light of the overhead projector casts an ethereal glow on his furrowed brow.

Christmas, the current leader of the Expendables, paces the room, his eyes reflecting a mix of anticipation and concern. "Barney," he calls out, breaking the silence. "What are we looking at?"

Barney looks up, his gaze intense. "Havoc, Trench, the past – it's all connected. Tartan is just a pawn in a much larger game."

The holographic screen displays a web of connections, linking past missions, betrayals, and the enigmatic figure of Alexander Havoc. Barney narrates the story of that ill-fated mission led by Havoc, the subsequent betrayal, and Trench's expulsion.

As the pieces fall into place, Christmas's expression shifts from curiosity to realization. "So, Trench has been on a quest for justice all this time, and we never knew."

Barney nods, a weight lifted off his shoulders as the truth unfolds. "We've been played, Christmas. Tartan is the tip of the iceberg. The real enemy has been manipulating us from the shadows."

The revelation hangs in the air, the gravity of the situation sinking in. Christmas, understanding the depth of the deception, speaks, "We need Trench. We can't face this threat divided."

Meanwhile, across the city, Trench and his team are going through a similar process of revelation. Bulldog, Specter, Wraith, and Phantom gathered in a secure location, studying Trench's findings. The truth about the past unfolds, revealing the machinations that had torn them apart.

Trench's stern expression betrays a mix of anger and remorse. "We've been dancing to someone else's tune for too long," he declares.

Specter, usually reserved, breaks his silence. "Barney and Christmas – they need to know. We can't face this alone."

The decision is made, setting the stage for a meeting that would redefine alliances. The Expendables and Trench's team converge in a neutral location, a dimly lit warehouse with shadows stretching across the walls.

Barney and Christmas face Trench and his team. The air crackles with tension, memories of past grievances hanging heavy. Barney speaks first, "We've been enemies for too long. Tartan is using us to settle old scores."

Trench, his eyes narrowing, listens. Christmas steps forward, "We unite, or we fall."

A reluctant agreement echoes through the warehouse. The Expendables and Trench's team, once at odds, now stand together against a common foe. The layers of deception have unraveled, revealing a truth that demands a united front.

As they prepare for the climactic showdown with Tartan, the air resonates with a newfound sense of camaraderie. The Expendables are no longer just a team; they are a brotherhood, bound by shared history and a determination to face the shadows of justice head-on.

Act 5: A Hero's Farewell

In a grand finale, all teams converge on Tartan's clandestine lair. The battle is intense, exacting casualties on both sides. The cavernous lair reverberates with the deafening symphony of chaos as the teams converge on Tartan's stronghold. The intermittent flickering lights cast eerie shadows, outlining the battle-hardened faces of Christmas, Barney, Trench, and the remaining Expendables. The air is thick with tension, charged with the weight of vendettas and the pursuit of justice.

As the battle rages on, tragedy befalls the Expendables. Gunnar, the towering powerhouse, sacrifices himself to save his comrades. In a blaze of glory, he charges into a group of enemy soldiers, taking down several before succumbing to overwhelming odds.

Wraith fights valiantly against Tartan's forces. Despite his resilience, he is eventually overwhelmed and falls, his powerful punches silenced in the chaos of battle.

Bulldog leads a tactical assault against a fortified position. In the heat of the firefight, he is tragically struck down, a casualty of the relentless war they find themselves in.

Tartan Mauve, flanked by his henchmen Cobra and Viper, emerges as a relentless force. His movements are a deadly dance, calculated and precise.

Specter engages Cobra in a display of martial arts mastery. Their bodies move with astonishing speed and agility, each strike a testament to years of disciplined training. The clash of fists and kicks creates a visual spectacle, a dance of combat that leaves both warriors breathless.

On another front, Christmas faces off against Viper in a confrontation that blends speed with precision. Viper's agility is matched only by Christmas's tactical brilliance. The battle between them is a flurry of movements, a choreography of strikes and counters that keeps the outcome uncertain.

Barney and Trench, driven by vengeance and united in purpose, confront Tartan together. However, Tartan's combat skills prove unmatched. With swift and calculated moves, he incapacitates both seasoned warriors, leaving them sprawled on the cold, unforgiving ground. His confidence stands as a testament to his martial prowess.

Undeterred by initial setbacks, Specter and Christmas intensify their fights against the henchmen. Specter's martial arts expertise gains the upper hand against Cobra, his strikes landing with surgical precision. Simultaneously, Christmas, with tactical brilliance, outmaneuvers Viper, turning the tide of the battle in their favor.

Renewed determination courses through all the remaining combatants. The battleground transforms into a chaotic spectacle of hand-to-hand combat. Specter and Christmas, working seamlessly as a team, neutralize Cobra and Viper, isolating Tartan.

In a final confrontation, Christmas and Specter engage Tartan. Blows are exchanged in a relentless dance of combat. Tartan weakens under the combined assault, creating an opening for a daring move.

Barney, awakening from the ground, seizes the opportunity. In a moment of self-sacrifice, he grapples with Tartan, and both adversaries tumble off the elevated platform. The descent into the abyss becomes a symbolic act, sealing the fate of those entangled in the shadows of justice.

The battle concludes with the resounding echoes of gunfire fading away. The lair, now eerily silent, bears witness to the sacrifices made in the relentless pursuit of justice. The remaining Expendables stand amidst fallen comrades, their faces etched with the gravity of loss.

As the surviving members regroup, Trench, battered but unbowed, gazes at the spot where Barney vanished. The legacy of the Expendables endures, carried by those who remain. The memory of their fallen comrades becomes a solemn vow, ensuring that the Expendables, like the legends before them, will live on. The shadows of justice cast long, echoing through the corridors of time.

Closing Act: A Last Toast

In the aftermath of the intense showdown with Tartan Mauve and his forces, the surviving members of the Expendables gather in their usual dimly lit bar. The air is heavy with the weight of loss, the memories of fallen comrades lingering.

Christmas takes a moment to raise a glass, the clinking sound echoing in the solemn space. The camaraderie that once filled the room now carries a bittersweet undertone. The faces around the table reflect a mixture of sorrow, respect, and determination.

The bar, a sanctuary for warriors, bears witness to the passing of legends. The absence of Barney, Gunnar, Toll Road is palpable. Their sacrifices are honored in the silence that envelops the room.

Christmas, the de facto leader, speaks with a voice that carries the weight of their shared history. "To those we've lost, to the legends who carved a path before us. They'll always be a part of the Expendables."

As glasses are raised, a montage of memories flickers through the minds of the remaining team members. Each fallen comrade is remembered for their unique contributions, their strengths, and the indomitable spirit that defined them.

Fury, her sniper's eye now glistening with unshed tears, offers a silent nod in remembrance of her fallen brothers. Doc raises his glass with a quiet solemnity, acknowledging the harsh realities of their chosen path.

Galgo injects a momentary spark of humor, recounting anecdotes of their fallen comrades with a mixture of laughter and melancholy. Toll Road's absence is particularly felt, his towering presence now replaced by an empty space.

The bar, once a witness to celebrations and victories, now becomes a sanctuary for mourning and reflection. The Expendables, though battered and scarred, endure. Their legacy lives on in the memories of those who dared to challenge the shadows of justice.

Amidst the melancholy, Christmas renews a vow, "We keep moving forward. We fight for justice, for each other. The Expendables endure, no matter what."

The final scene fades out with the remaining team members, silhouetted against the dim lights of the bar, raising their glasses in a final toast to the fallen. The shadows of justice may cast long, but the Expendables, undeterred, carry the torch forward, ensuring that their legend endures through time.

Oct 2, 2023

This is what EXPEND4BLES really stands for: the four OGs of the series!

Very quick (like very quick) photoshop on my mobile but for me this is what EX4 was all about. The four core members of the series!