Dec 26, 2011

Profiling The New Expendables: Yu Nan (Maggie)

Holidays over, back to business. Not a lot of news circulating on EX2. They seem to be taking  a long vacation and preparing to go to China in January. So in the meantime I had the idea of studying the new members of the EX team since not a lot is known about them. One of my friends who's a big fan of Adkins asked me to throw him in the pack too (even though he's not an EX member) so I might do his profile later. 

I decided to start with
Yu Nan (Maggie) who probably is the least known cast member of EX2, or at least to the North American audiences. As she happens to be from China, it's not easy to gather information on her. So I asked one of my friends who travels quite often to China and who's picked up some (limited) Mandarin to browse Chinese websites for me and gather some information on her.
She was born in 1978 in China. Doesn't have too many movies in her resume but is very talented. She has served as a jury member & won the Best Actress prize a few times in several internationally renown film festivals, and has played in a few international productions including a French film (she can be seen in the picture with the French actress Emmanuelle BĂ©art). Apparently she's fluent in French & English (we'll find out in EX2).

She's fairly known in China but is not a mega star there. Here's an article reporting her involvement in EX2 where it's mentioned that she is not one of the country's top artists due to her heavier international acting career than local. So I'm not sure on what basis she was picked by the studios if their intention was to attract massive Chinese audiences - or maybe they didn't want to overshadow Li given she has a more comprehensive role than he does in the movie.

Stallone explains, "Maggie is a Chinese agent who's very mysterious. Nobody quite knows what her role is to start with. But as the story unfolds, you realize how important she is to the story. Yu Nan is a wonderful actress and she adds a lot of mystery and intrigue to the story. Maggie challenges Barney all the time because Barney's not very good with women; he's got this wall up he tries to keep her at a distance. And she's constantly trying to penetrate his outer shell.”

King-Templeton adds, “Yu Nan is a very accomplished actress in China. She’s perfect for this role because you also really believe that she can fight and you believe she can get involved in these kind of dangerous situations. She holds her own with all the boys. Maggie challenges Barney’s emotional side. Barney as the leader of the Expendables is always looking out for the guys. He's never really had time for any kind of female relationship. She makes him look at another side of life he could have possibly had.”
One thing is for sure, she is an attractive lady and here are a few (hand picked) pictures of her to showcase it- viewer's discretion is advised. More pictures and info could be found here & here. For my part I find her an exotic and interesting addition to the EX team.



  1. She's smoking hot

  2. it's not brain science. watch Tuya's Marriage.

  3. Jolie has nothing on Yu Nan. Jolie is waaaayyy overrated.

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