Nov 14, 2020

Millennium Still Working on Getting an EX4 But Sly Not Certain!

News has become scarce on movies since the advent of the pandemic, specially on movies like EX4 with a very shaky future. Nevertheless we heard a paradoxical piece of news from Sly and Millennium in different settings.
Sly who has been very very quite about EX4, did very suddenly and unexpectedly jump on a fan's Instagram post who was asking whether the 4th movie was still a go, and responded pessimistically that  "not certain it is happening". 
Not long after in an interview published by Variety, Millennium’s Jeffrey Greenstein reveals that they are "working on getting a fourth Expendables. [And] that’s about all [he] can tell [us] at this point."
A paradox that we have become used to in the past few years concerning any news surrounding this mockery that EX4 has become. 
If EX4 ever happens, I have a feeling that the speculation of a spinoff with Statham as the lead role is sounding more plausible. If they finally get to make this movie, Sly will either not be in it or have a supporting role with limited screen time much like Willis & Arnold did in the previous installments.