Jan 29, 2012

Remember History: EX2 Blog Ceases Activities To Protest Against PG-13

Today Jan 29, 2012, after some soul searching, long discussions with my associates and some of our fans, and after a serious consideration, I'm announcing our decision to cease EX2 Blog's activities to protest against the proposed PG-13 rating of the Expendables 2 movie. 

This was a very hard decision and we realize that in making it we will be criticized by some fans for seeming to abandon neutrality to take a position. My hope is that when EX2 Blog stops today, people will understand that we’re doing it for the EX fans who are angry and outraged by the PG-13 decision taken by the studios who chose money & greed over the very fan base that made the first movie so successful.

True EX fans will trust EX2 Blog's decision because they know that despite our faults, our heart is in the right place. We never aimed to monetize on our efforts or make fans believe some particular thing, we just wanted to be helpful and share our passion of the Expendables 2 movie with them. 

Although we have been tempted at times by an EX2 PG-13 just for the joy of seeing our action icons reunion on the big screen, it is still our opinion that the PG-13 rating would be devastating to the EX franchise.

Over the course of the past few days we have witnessed the outrage and anger of fans across forums and fan sites who have joined together to discuss proposed actions that the EX fan community could take against the PG-13 rating to force the studios to change it. This is by far the largest level of participation in a fan community discussion ever seen since the beginning of the EX franchise, which illustrates the level of concern that fans feel about the future of the EX franchise. 

The overwhelming majority of fans support action  in response to the PG-13 rating of EX2 in the hope of convincing studios to change the rating of the movie to R before August 17, 2012. We have decided to join those fans and take action. 

EX2 Blog will only resume its activities if studios decide to listen to fans and change the EX2 rating to R, we will not support and report any longer on an EX2 PG-13, this is not the principle on which this blog was founded. EX2 Blog was conceived to support an EX2 rated R.

For those fans who would like to join the movement we encourage you to post comments on Expendables Premiere to protest against EX2 rated PG-13, a special page has been allocated by Patrick the webmaster to support this action and can be found by clicking here.

We also encourage you to continue to post your protest on different fan sites and forums, this blog will also stay open for those who wish to post comments on it and continue to read its older articles.

On January 29, we hope you’ll agree with us, and will do what you can to make your own voice heard. It's been a rewarding journey for us and we thank you for your support. We hope to be back soon to report again on EX2 rated R.

Jan 27, 2012

A Plea To EX2 Patrons

A few days ago when I pleaded for First Blood being a good movie even if it was rated PG-13 in today's standards, I thought it'd be my last post on the PG-13 issue and things would get better, some producer or Stallone would come out and say something nice to appease fans, people would be pumped up again to look forward to EX2 even PG-13 and so on, well I'm an optimist, even in my day-to-day life.

But the recent events and comments made by Crews forced me out of my optimism and I felt obliged to react to comments that fans, my friends and I did not find fair towards those who truly supported the first movie and carried it financially to become the franchise it is today. React to the silence of EX producers, Stallone and the cast, for not saying: we appreciate you, you the true fans who made all this possible, after all if it wasn't for your support on the first movie, we wouldn't have a business case to release $100M to make a sequel, we couldn't get Norris, we couldn't get Van Damme who didn't want in the first movie because he thought it'd be a flop. We couldn't afford $1.5M to Schwarzenegger to film his 5 days or convince Willis to have a more substantial role. We couldn't afford the extra expenses to shoot in China just to accommodate Li because he didn't want to do the movie outside his home country. We heard you, rest assured we'll do our best to make EX2 the movie you have waited on for nearly three decades, we won't let you down.

But all we heard was from Crews desperately trying to defend the movie going as far as bringing up movies like Inception and The Dark Knight, what are we supposed to think, did we go to see EX for the same reasons we would go to see Inception, this is what they think? Are they missing the point so badly? Do they know who we are and why we have been carrying the EX franchise and looked forward to even a third movie? Do they understand that we grew up with Rambo, Terminator, Die Hard and Bloodsport? Do they think we are just crying out for R because we are gore freaks and don't have the intellectual capacity to appreciate a good story? I don't know about you but I feel misunderstood here...

Sirs, don't let those who supported you down, do not forget the essence of The Expendables, do not let a generation of fans who stood by the heroes of this movie for more than a quarter of a century see their action idols ridiculed. We understand we live in an era of greed where money has the last word, but leave a tiny space to principles and dreams, HEAR US OUT before it's too late, although it might already be...

Crews: PG-13 Is Sly

Crews doesn't seem to be willing to let go and continues with his controversial comments. It's regrettable that EX2 procedures don't do something to cool things down. This is what he had to say today on his Facebokk page:
"What's good for the film is whatever Sly wants. He created it, directed it, starred in it and is responsible for his vision of it. He saw the first one as PG-13 also, but changed his mind and went with an R. If he does the same thing here, I support him either way. Terminator 4 was a bad film at PG-13 whereas INCEPTION or Dark Knight were brilliant films at PG-13. I see it can be done, and I believe we did it."
Patrick Campbell: "Terry, you're a great guy, seriously, and I'm glad to see you come out swinging for The Expendables 2. But honestly, it's still hard to get excited over the movie with the PG-13 rating. Taking away so much of the needed bloody action and general badass moments that made the first movie work won't in the confines of a PG-13 movie. I would love to be proven wrong, and I'll still see the movie, but I can safely say that my excitement for it went down almost 70% when I heard it. I have to ask though, did you guys film anything for an R-rated/unrated cut for the blu-ray release down the line?"
Crews: "Patrick Campbell - I understand you and I feel you. All I have been saying is give EX2 a chance. I love rated R movies, and EX1 is no exception. If it works it works. If it doesn't there won't be another one, plain and simple- but you can't judge something YOU HAVEN'T SEEN. Certain people have been attacking me for saying just that, and I responded to various comments that I felt where out of line. But to a respectful fan such as yourself, I wanted to let you know that I feel your pain and I believe in my heart not one true Expendables fan will be disappointed."
This is what he had to say earlier: "I don't need anyone speaking for me regarding EX2. The "true action fans" didn't want me in the first place. Now they are acting like they made me. I never was an action star. Ever. But I stood among the best and held my own. Just like I'll stand face to face and toe to toe with anyone who feels they can vote me out. Whether you like it or not, I'm the baddest ass you are ever going to see. Period. I'm ready to die. Are you?"
I think the EX2 producers should refrain him from making any further comments, all this seems to be hurting the movie's image with fans. And I don't think it's logic to compare Inception & Batman to EX2, not sure why Crews is using this kind of analogy.

Stallone/Van Damme Pictures Posted On JCVD Facebook

Van Damme has finally posted his pictures from set with Stallone that leaked a few day ago on his Facebook page. He also posted the following messages with each picture"

"It was a great learning experience to work with Mr. Stallone on the Expendables 2."
"Me, Kevin (a longtime friend of Mr. Stallone) and Mr. Stallone discussing our fight scene. Like he said, "it is gonna be one for the ages."

P.S. As Jean-Claude Van Damme knows about real fighting and training...Believe me, Mr. Stallone trains very hard, everyday, to be who he is...nothing comes for free!"

It's interesting that Van Damme keeps calling Sly, Mr. Stallone!

Jan 26, 2012

Crews Going Too Far Now

After trying to give fans some hope by posting positive statements like: "I kill more baddies in the first 3 min of EX2 than I did the whole last movie. Don't let the smooth taste fool you", Crews has started going negative on the EX fans to the point that one could interpret his statements as disrespectful.

First he posted that "It's PG-13. Do you really think only men 40 and over saw the first one? The kids bought tickets to "Eat Pray Love" and walked right into "The Expendables". In fact, they were YOUR kids." Then he added: "I get it. I really do. But boobs and blood do not a good movie make. You don't want to go. Don't go. I respect it. But you will miss the greatest thing you've ever seen."
A few hours ago he's gone too far by saying this:


Sorry we lost you. But hey, when you come out of the 80's, the rest of the world will still be here. On the last one, kids had to sneak into the theater to see it. Now it'll be all you tough guys who are vowing to boycott number 2. See ya in the theater. (Your disguise isn't working)."

He's gone too far and is disrespecting the true fans of EX who helped the first movie to be the success it was and allowed the greedy producers to make money so they could make a sequel to make more money but they've gone beyond greed and are prepared to dump those who helped them in the first place hoping they would make much more money on kids.

This is the height of hypocrisy coming from someone who defended Terminator 4 against PG-13 after he was written off by saying "No man, they cut me because they wanted to keep the movie PG-13. Can you imagine? This is a Terminator movie! I had a good role as Captain Jericho cussing out John Connor and talking down to him. I was giving him lots of orders and shouting at him to get his *beep* head out of his ass. Because, you know, Connor had to still prove himself and not everyone believed him to be our savior. So I'm going off on him and cussing him out."

My friends & I had decided to stay positive and defend EX2 even with a PG-13 rating, but after all this and the fact that no one is coming out to appease the fans with some positive statements or a message of hope saying they have heard fans out, we are seriously considering if we should keep supporting this masquerade any longer. So disappointed...

Jan 25, 2012

Stallone vs. Van Damme Pictures

Van Damme's  Facebook page uploaded 3 new pictures today but removed them quickly according to one of the fans on vandammefan.net who was able to save 2 of them.  Apparently the caption under the first picture said something like "Had one of the best times of my life working with Sly", and the 2nd said how they were discussing their final fight. Enjoy!


Jan 24, 2012

Last Word On PG-13 And We Try To Move On

We asked EX2 Blog's visitors to vote on some of the major 80-90's blockbuster action movies that would in their opinion qualify under a  PG-13 rating if released today. The movies we selected were: First Blood, Rambo II, Rambo III, Cliffhanger, Demolition Man, The Terminator, Terminator 2, Predator, True Lies, Eraser, Die Hard 1-2 & 3.
21% of visitors think that none of those movies would be rated PG-13 if released today. But there was a good number of visitors who thought True Lies (34%), Cliffhanger (27%), First Blood (25%) & Demolition Man (23%) would be rated PG-13 according to today's standards.

I'm going to pick on First Blood as it happens to be one of my top favorite action movies.

I haven't watched First Blood in a long time but from what I remember it could pass most major criteria for a PG-13 rating:

-less than four uses of explicit language (there was a good number of "s--t," "hell," "damn," but only 2 times f--k) - Pass

-no extreme bloodshed (Stallone sewing his own gashed arm shut was the most extreme
) - Pass

-crude humor (the sheriff's cruel head deputy humor when brutalizing and harassing Stallone) - Pass

-mature/political themes (the shabby treatment of American Vietnam veterans) - Pass

-moderately long horror moments and moderate action violence (the action sequences in the woods, etc.) - Pass

-non-sexual nudity (Stallone hosed down) - Pass

It's close, without too much efforts First Blood could very likely pass the PG-13 test under today's American motion picture rating system. 

If First Blood was released tomorrow under a PG-13 rating in a theater that was not frequented by too many kids I would definitely go see it and it'll become one of my favorite action movies again. 

As a retro action fan I do appreciate realistic scenes of violence and a good dose of humorist coarse language, but what I also value in a blockbuster action movie is the story, depth of characters, directing, photography, editing and soundtrack. I think First Blood delivered on many levels.

Now the question that some might ask, would fans care as long as an EX2 PG-13 is a good movie, as long as the action scenes and the fight scenes are well-done. If EX2 is as good as it was in First Blood then would fans be fine with the PG-13 rating? We'll have to wait until Aug 17 for fans to answer the question.

Jan 22, 2012

More On Which EX Might Die First - Minor Spoiler Possible

I usually don't post pictures of stunt doubles unless there is a good story behind it. Well here I think we might have a new element that would slightly change our theory about Couture's character's fate in EX2. This picture seems to be showing Couture's double at the airport scene which we believe to be the movie's finale, the last battle that also involves Schwarzenegger, Willis & Norris in addition to the EX team (minus the one that is savagely killed by the villains in the course of the movie). 

In our Anatomy of the EX2 Plot we initially thought that Couture's character would die before the airport battle since there was no evidence of his presence on set while the scenes were being shot at the airport. This picture shows that he must have actually been there since his double was on set with Lundgren's. So maybe his character doesn't die before the airport battle but we still think he might during the final battle. 
Another one of our assumptions that becomes stronger is the fate of Hemsworth's charterer who we believe is the EX to be viciously killed by the villains and avenged by the rest of the EX team. The filming in HK did not show any indication that Li's character would die in the movie and the fact that Hemsworth did not film any scenes in HK nor in Bulgaria during the shooting of the airport scenes is a very strong indication that his character is the one on the line of fire. This is only what we think and it's of course open for discussion.

EX2 Teaser Trailer & Poster in French

A couple of weeks ago we posted the German version of EX2 teaser trailer for our German viewers. We also have quite a number of readers from French speaking countries and Quebec/Canada, so it's time to post the two French versions of EX2 teaser trailer that were released a few days ago in France & Canada.

The French version of the poster has also been released but only in France
and not yet in Canada - EX2 is called "Expendables 2 Unité Spéciale" in France & "Les Sacrifiés 2" in Canada.

It's interesting to note that unlike the German version where Van Damme was credited with "Mit" ("With"), both European & Canadian versions follow the American version of the cast and Van Damme gets billed with "Ainsi que" in France, and "Également" in Canada, both mean "Also" in English.

Teaser Trailer France:

Teaser Trailer Canada:

En attendant la sortie d'EX2 restez bien sage

Jan 21, 2012

Jan 21 - 11:30 PM HK Time - EX2 Filming Wrapped

Filming wrapped on EX2 as of Jan 21, it should soon enter into post-production. Li has filmed his scenes in 4 days as I reported previously so we can expect more or less the same amount of screen time for him as Willis and Schwarzenegger (the latter had also filmed for 4-5 days - see Characters Screen Time).

Crews, Lundgren were confirmed to be on set in HK. Stallone was also reported to be there but it's uncertain whether he filmed much, he must have been on set for one or two days at best. Couture did not go to HK, and it's highly probable that Hemsworth and Statham did not go either. As for Nan no info is available. There is also 90% certainty that Van Damme did not shoot any scenes as expected, he was in HK but simply for personal reasons. There were speculations in the beginning by the Chinese news sources that Schwarzenegger and Willis could also show up in HK but they did not as expected. The four days were mainly focused on Li and his fight scenes some of which were already shot in Bulgaria using his stunt double. Given the short time Stallone spent there, there might be scenes where the two have some dialogue but might not share a lot of fight scenes together (just assuming here).

That should be it for EX2 production, now it's time for some editing and post-production, let's hope they do a good job and deliver some serious results.

Jan 20, 2012

Post PG-13 - Time For Some EX2 News

Crews tweeted the following messages: "I feel your pain about the EX2 PG-13. But do you really think we've all gone soft as baby thighs? No sirs. You will love it. Trust ya boy." & "I kill more baddies in the first 3 min of EX2 than I did the whole last movie. Don't let the smooth taste fool you. This suckers got kick." Hopefully these messages reduce some of the pain fans have gone through over the past couple of days.

Van Damme also thanked Stallone on his Facebook page after the latter confirmed the PG-13 rumor: "What can I say about Mr. Stallone? He is a great actor/director and a true fighter but also a great and amazing person! I feel honored for what he said about me. Thank you. — JCVD"

Going back to HK, new pictures of Stallone taken on Jan 18 showing him in CA without his mustache have shown up. This leads us to believe that either Stallone did not go to HK or his stay was very, very short. Filming started on Jan 16 only, if he made it back to CA by Jan 18 then he only spent a day or at best two over there. Another indication that he might not have gone to HK at all was the picture that was taken of him by Carpenter on his private jet where he didn't have his mustache. That picture was taken right after they finished shooting in New Orleans. So he obviously did not grow his mustache back in between NO & HK which is a necessary feature of his character in EX2, maybe he used a fake one while he was in HK. Where I'm going with all this, the HK scenes may not have a lot of Stallone/Li interaction but again nowadays everything is possible in post-production, so maybe not a big deal.

No news or pictures released over the past couple of days from set in HK. Crews posted a new video of himself yesterday from HK that can be seen here.

Point of No Return: EX2 Already Shot in PG-13

For those fans still hoping to see Stallone fight to chagne the EX2 rating or to see studios listen to their request and change their mind to accomdate the true fans of EX2, we unfortunately have to dispaoint them. EX2 has already been shot to be granted a PG-13 rating. The confirmation came this morning from Harry of It Ain't Cool, this is the same guy who received the PG-13 confirmation from Stallone himself. It also confirms our theory that EX2 was set from the very beginning to be released in PG-13 so it wasn't just for Norris. This is what he had to say to one of the Stallone Zone's fan members:

"Dude - accept it, move on. You'll live better.

What I hear is they didn't even shoot hard versions with nuts tons of Blood & guts - because it was always the intent. They don't have foul language takes. The film was structured and shot to be the hardest PG 13 they can make.

IT has been done. LIONSGATE is focused on creating mass audience films now. HUNGER GAMES. You can make a pretty great action film in the PG 13 arena. It has been done. I'd be more worried about the director's history. Harry"

Like we said in our previous story, we have to continue to hope that a PG-13 EX2 still delivers on its promises. Once again for our part, we'll go and see the movie just for the joy of seeing our action idols reunited on the big screen for what might be their final battle. We may risk to be disappointed, the expectation is set lower now so it could only get better...

Jan 19, 2012

In PG-13 We Trust? - Sly: trust me ... this film is LARGE

By now everyone knows it, Sly confirmed EX2 PG-13 rating and defended it. We deliberately wanted to be last to express our point of view on the issue after things have calmed down a little bit more. So far no other news on EX2 had initiated such a massive reaction from fans, so it has become a pretty serious case that EX2 producers better take into consideration or it might back fire.

Before going further, I have to say, we didn't welcome the news but were not overwhelmingly surprised since we kind of knew and had said a few words about the
PG-13 rating of EX2 when Norris first openly talked about it.

EX2 was strongly geared towards PG-13 from the very beginning by the producers and the only indication that contradicted  a PG-13 direction came in an interview that was given by Nan's stunt double Megan Nguyen where she stated that Stallone had succeeded in changing the direction of the movie and was filming it towards an R rating. The problem is that fans have naturally expected EX2 to be rated R and never questioned a PG-13 move, while the Nguyen's interview was not taken seriously and did not make a lot noise at the time, it was the first serious indication of EX2 producers real agenda. We simply think that Stallone was not bale to exercise his influence to convince the studios or he would have done it, and Norris doesn't have enough power to change the direction of such an expensive movie and simply took advantage of a given situation to promote his new image of wanna-be-saint. We are certain that this is merely a financially motivated move orchestrated by the studios.

Studios are obviously looking to attract a younger audience as we repeatedly wrote about it, the signing of Hemsworth was a strong indication of that. We just have a problem with their logic, why younger viewers who were born after the 80-90's action movies who have never seen these 65-70 year old actors would pay to see them now. Wasn't the whole essence of EX to offer a generation of fans a dream they have been waiting for almost 30 years. Producers might get disappointed...

Stallone says "
the film is fantastic with Van Damme turning in an inspired performance... Our final battle is one for the ages... trust me when I say this film is LARGE in every way and delivers on every level"

In Stallone we partially trust. Yes we are sure the reunion of the action icons in one movie will be exceptional, yes the return of Van Damme and Norris on the big screen will be rewarding, yes the finale at the airport with Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis firing guns side by side will be out of this world, but what about the rest and things in betw

We are not too worried about the language to tone down as Norris put it, Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Van Damme never used overly coarse language in their movies, it's not their style any way. The concern is mainly on the action scenes. We have a hard time imagining those action icons in a PG-13 action movie not being able to express the talent they are known for, doing real action movies.

As hardcore supporters of EX2,
in Stallone we will cautiously trust and go see the movie in theatres and hope to see the epic movie we've so long waited for. We think it's worth it just for the joy of seeing our action idols on the screen for what might be their final battle. If disappointed and our dream shattered after 30 years of a long wait, this blog will cease after August 17 and belong to the museum of the web, EX3 or not, disappointed we might remain for the remainder of our lives. For now we continue to hope that Sly & Co. won't let us down...

Jan 18, 2012

First Set Photo of Li from HK

It's finally here, the first on set photo of EX2 since they started shooting in HK has showed up. It was posted by Crews on his Twitter account with the following message: "One of the greatest actor/martial artists whom ever lived: JET LI #RESPECT http://fb.me/K8lvdzYK". This is the first photo of Li in EX2, enjoy!

Security Still Tight, Couture Out

We've been digging hard but no news or photos have been released from the set of EX2 in HK. Security is very tight around the studio and no journalist is allowed to get close. The only picture that was taken yesterday outside the studio was of the truck that brought lunch for the crew, this is how tight security is on EX2 right now.
As reported yesterday Crews has already arrived in HK.

An interview with Couture was posted on YouTube (link) in which he reveals he won't be filming in HK. Based on his schedule of post New Orleans shooting we kind of thought he wouldn't be going to HK. Once again we strongly believe that the scenes being shot in HK right now are related to Stallone/Li dialogues and particularity to the Burma mission, a good part of which was already shot in Bulgaria. So Couture's presence in HK might not have been needed but this is not necessarily an indication that he's the EX to die in the movie, although we think he's one of the most probable EX members to be a causality during the mission ordered by Church (Anatomy of the EX2 Plot, Possible Spoiler!).

Jan 16, 2012

New Photos Show Studio Enhances Security in HK

It's been a disappointing day in terms of news or new on set photos. Around 7 AM HK time 7 cars started arriving in the studio. Security was extremely tight and journalists were not allowed to take any pictures or get close to the studio where the crew stared filming. Around 9 AM HK time Simon West was seen arriving on the set in a white car - see picture. We have also sourced a few more pictures, one of the set, one of the gates at the studio showing the tight security around it, and 2 pictures of the cars said to be transporting Li and crew members. Unfortunately that's it for now, we were optimistically hoping for some serious stuff today but nothing got out, EX2 production doesn't seem to be willing to let anything out for now. 

Update: Crews just confirmed his arrival in HK  by tweeting the following message: " NEWS ALERT: TERRY CREWS ATTACKS HONG KONG! (Hong Kong AP) Terry Crews arrived shortly before midnight and panic ensues. FILM AT 11....!"

Jan 15, 2012

Jan 16 - 8:30 AM HK Time - EX2 to Start Filiming

A Chinese language website reported an hour ago that filming is set to start this morning Jan 16 HK time. Stallone has already arrived on his private jet and is supposed to show up in Tuen Men at the factory turned into studio to start filming with Li for four consecutive days. There is also speculation that the picture posted by Carpenter on her twitter account was of the jet that transported her & Stallone to HK, Stallone could be seen on the picture but he doesn't have his mustache! There is also still discussion around JCVD's presence in HK and no official confirmation on the purpose of his visit. And finally a new picture of the set and a picture of Li on his way to the set? 

Update: the picture tweeted by Carpenter is not of the jet going to HK. Carpenter confirmed on her twitter account that she won't be shooting in HK.

EX2 Rated PG-13? Norris Talks EX2

Chuck Norris did an interview today with Bartek Węglarczyk from the Polish Dzień Dobry TVN in which he also talked about his role & experience in EX2. Here's the full interview with Polish voice-over but you could still hear some of the things he says: "that was a fun movie to do because I keep saving all their lives ... I'm like the super hero against Schwarzenegger, Stallone and ... Willis..."

He further added that the movie had a lot of hard language so he asked that all the hardcore language be taken out or he wouldn't do it. Producers have apparently accepted his request and made it a PG-13 film

Personally I didn't find EX1 language particularly coarse, it was mainly rated R for its action scenes. EX2 was originally supposed to be PG-13, the only semi official information on EX2 being rated R came from Megan Nguyen, one of the stunts who stated in an interview that Stallone had pushed to change the rating to R. So maybe the studios never intended to have EX2 rated R and Stallone wasn't able to convince them, who knows.

Fast Five was rated PG-13 and made lots of money so it's understanding that EX2 producers would like to have the same financial destiny for EX2. I remember Avi Lerner wasn't too happy about Rambo IV being rated R because he thought they could have made much more money had the move been less violent. Let's not blame it on Norris until we find out the final rating EX2 is going to get and who really pulled the strings.

Thanks to Expendables Premiere for the news.

New Set Photo, More Pictures of JCVD & Li in HK

Another Chinese language website posted more pictures in an article related to EX2. Still no news on Stallone or the the rest of the EX team. As I'm posting this it's almost midnight in HK so we don't expect more news to come in today (Eastern Time) but keep our fingers crossed. We are suspecting that filming should start tomorrow Monday HK time. By the time we wake up on the American continent we should be able to see more news and hopefully some on set photos of the EX team.

Today's Photo & Video of Li + First Set Photo

Some pictures and interviews of Li were released today on Chinese language websites. We gathered a sample specially for Li's fans. The video is in Chinese but offers a first peek of Li fresh from HK. 

Sina HK has also released a first photo of the set, more photos should start coming in over the next couples of days. We also learned that journalists were all over Li to find out the whereabouts of Stallone but Li kept the information very secret so nothing was leaked. It's not much but maybe enough to keep the excitement going until more serious stuff shows up.

Jan 14, 2012

EX2 Blog Mentioned by Popular Movie News Sites

A couple of days ago EX2 Blog was mentioned by several popular movie news sites for one of our posts that reported on the two new EX2 stills featuring Yu Nan & Stallone. I never thought this blog would ever receive the attention of the mass media. When I first started this blog with my friends, we were just looking for a space on the web where we could express our passion and gather our thoughts, writings, and all the news on EX2 in one place. We knew there could be some fans who would accidentally come across this blog and appreciate its content and share our passion, but I never thought our audience would grow so fast in such a short period of time. This blog has been only up and running since late November.

To many it may not be a big deal but trust me, I've been a businessman for many years and when you do something out of passion, work hard at it and stay professional, it always pays off and it's extremely rewarding. Yeah OK I'm getting too emotional here, this blog is really for fun, and my friends & I hope that it keeps making action fans like ourselves happy.

I'd like to thank all my friends & fans who have been supporting this blog by providing the latest news on EX2, writing stories (Jean for his fascinating and methodical theories, Elrey for sourcing the latest news and pictures from all around the globe), and last but not least Patrick of Expendables Premiere for his unconditional support from the beginning. I promise to keep it up and running at least until August 17.

EX2 Blog was mentioned by:

Van Damme in HK

Van Damme posted two videos of himself from HK. No more information is available as to whether he's there to take part of the EX2 shooting or coincidentally there for other personal business. He had initially informed one of his fan sites that he wouldn't be going to China for EX2.

Change of plan
? We don't think so. The scenes to be shot in HK are most likely related to the Burma mission (you can read about it here, spoiler alert!). I also learned from that Van Damme lives in HK with his family, so his presence there is nothing unusual and should not be related to EX2.

Jan 13, 2012

Li Already in HK, Stallone Due Tomorrow

Just a brief update on the HK filming: according to Chinese language news sources, Li is already in HK where he participated in a charity event. He's supposed to eat with Stallone tomorrow so we can assume that Stallone is already on his way to Asia. Li also mentioned that he's not sure if they'll be filming in Tuen Men as reported earlier. He also indicated that he had initially turned down the offer to be in EX2 but production was so sincere and willing to accommodate him to shoot in China that he ended up accepting. It was confirmed again that Lundgren would join the team but no more mention of Willis or Schwarzenegger. As we receive more info we'll update accordingly.

Jan 12, 2012

EX2 Production to Move to Hong Kong Instead of China

This was breaking news on many sites in Hong Kong/China today. According to various Chinese language news sources, the EX team will be shooting in Hong Kong and no longer in mainland China. Apparently production was not able to obtain the necessary permits to shoot in mainland China and will have to move to Hong Kong instead. Filming should start early next week.

It's hard to get a proper translation of the articles but many of them are also mentioning Willis &
Schwarzenegger, and it's not evident to conclude whether they are said to be part of the cast travelling to Hong Kong or simply cited as the big name actors playing in the movie. Stay tuned for more news to come soon...
Update: I had one of my Chinese friends translate the articles and he tells me that  according to the Sina Daily News which is a huge news paper in China, Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger & Lundgren are all said to go to Hong Kong soon. I would take this with a grain of salt though, I'd wait until we get a more official confirmation. 

Other info, they will film in a factory in Tuen Men for 4 days, so the total production time might be longer. Here's a video showing the factory where they will be shooting.

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Jan 11, 2012

Sly & Arnold to Team Up in The Tomb!

I know this is not EX2 related and I usually don't post anything that is not EX2 related but I couldn't let this one go. We've all heard that Stallone is going to be starring in THE TOMB, well according to Ain't it Cool News Stallone "has a very interesting co-star that is currently circling and discussing with Sly to join him in THE TOMB... and that's Arnold Schwarzenegger". This is probably the best thing that could ever happen to complete EX2, a true Stallone/Schwarzenegger face-off, there is a God of action movies after all?

EX2 Filming in New Orleans!

Couture just posted a photo of himself from on the set of EX2 in New Orleans! Well it looks like they are not yet in China contrary to what we thought, I'm now thinking that Carpenter will also be filming her scenes in the US and not in China, she tweeted last night that she was fitting today.

Update 1: Couture just tweeted that he's "In N'awlins on set for the Expendables II, then back to Vegas on Friday for @Xtreme_Couture training camp then Saturday's GI Poker Tourney!" Sounds like he's either not going to China or at least won't go until next week!! Crews also Tweeted that he landed in NO yesterday. Stay tuned...

Update 2: Carpenter tweeted today "Sly, Jason, Dolf, Randy, Liam,Terry- I am a lucky lady!". I'm inclined to assume all those guys filmed in NO. What a change of plan, all this was unexpected and raises some question marks...

Update 3: Carpenter confirmed on her twitter account that "Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Bruce, Arnold and Vandame" are in EX2 but she "didn't work with them". This confirms that none of those guys has been filming in NO as we suspected they wouldn't. She also said she "wish she had more time with this band of bros" which implies she won't be going to Hong Kong.

EX2 Trailer in Deutsch

Having lived in different countries of Europe some years ago, I still find it interesting to see American movies dubbed in French, German, Spanish or Italian. Here's the German version of EX2 Teaser Trailer that has gone online today. The other interesting element of the trailer beside Willis's German voice is the fact that Van Damme is billed with "Mit" like Willis instead of "Auch" which is the German translation of "Also" that was assigned to him in the original trailer - for those who might wonder "mit" means "with" in English.

I should thank
VanDammeFanz for the trailer.

Stallone-Nan EX2 Stills

I'm going to end up sounding like Nan's advocate, two new pictures of her with Stallone have shown up, these ones look like real stills of EX2.

Jan 10, 2012

Stallone Grows Back The Mustache

These pictures popped up today on a finish website and are said to be taken yesterday in Beverly Hills showing Stallone with the EX2 mustache grown back and ready to be taken on him to China, click on the pictures for a larger view.

Charisma Carpenter To Reprise Her Role in EX2

According to Latina.com Charisma Carpenter will reprise her role as Lacy (Jason Statham's girlfriend) in EX2.

The actress told Latina.com exclusively: "I'm thrilled to be back with the boys and to be working with iconic actors. My son thinks I’m the coolest mom ever!"
This comes as a surprise if true, she was not expected to be back specially since there was no word on her filming in Bulgaria or being set to go to China. We should find out soon with filming in China to resume in a few days.

Update 1: Carpenter confirmed the news an hour ago on her twitter account: "I HATED keeping this from all my faithful Frans but.. I was told to. .....Its true; I will be in Expendables 2!!!!!!!"

Update 2: Carpenter just confirmed on her Twitter account that she will start filming in a couple of days and will have a scene with "the whole gang", this all means that she should be going to China with the EX team!

New Picture: Yu Nan

This picture was found on a Chinese website. It's Yu Nan, and it looks like it's from EX2 looking at her outfit but we can't say for sure. I'm starting to be more convinced that she was rightfully cast in the lead female role. Want to know more about her, click here.

Jan 9, 2012

Hemsworth Talks Expendables 2 in MTV Interview

No exciting revelations, MTV News recently caught up with Hemsworth for a short interview. Here's the summary:

"I'm excited for 'The Hunger Games' to come out; I'm excited to see it," he said. "I just shot 'Expendables 2' ... That's another film that I want to go see. It will be weird that I'm in it." 

MTV: Hemsworth admitted that he was a bit starstruck on the set of "Expendables 2," given that the cast is chock-full of Hollywood's most celebrated action stars. 

"I grew up watching these guys and their movies, and then all of a sudden you have to pinch yourself when you're on set. You're looking at [Sylvester] Stallone, [Jason] Statham, [Randy] Couture, Terry Crews, [Jean-Claude] Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren," he said. "It's silly, it really is.

"You couldn't ask for a bunch of better guys than them," Hemsworth added. "They're so professional, good guys, so welcoming. That can be such a daunting thing for an actor to come on set with those guys, and they honestly couldn't have been nicer. They're just amazing."

Jan 8, 2012

Interview: Terry Crews talks EX2

Krum from The Arnold Fans has an exclusive interview with Crews and they talked EX2. Here's the part of the interview that pertains to EX2. For the full interview you can visit The Arnold Fans.

KRUM: I am thrilled to meet you Man! I have to let you know.. I'm excited for Expendables 2! You kicked some serious ass in the first one!

CREWS: Thanks man, I really appreciate it! Yeah Expendables 2 is going to be fantastic, and everyone is returning! Sly, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Jason Statham, everyone, except Mickey Rourke.

KRUM: Why isn't he returning?

CREWS: He was in the middle of another project, I heard, and couldn't get the time. Sad man. But this film is huge! I just got back from filming in Europe, Sly is taking us around the world to tell this one!

KRUM: What's Arnold's involvement?

CREWS: Arnold is back! He and Wills both. They have bigger roles this time around. I think everybody's gonna love it! Especially the fans.

KRUM: Does working with Sly & Arnold keep you hungry for staying so built?

CREWS: Haha, thanks man, yeah, these guys both are still HUGE! They are still in great shape, and me, coming from Flint Michigan, have always looked up to those guys who have gone so far, building themselves up from nothing, and now they have everything. They worked hard. And it really does keep me going too.