Dec 29, 2013

New Expendable Rousey Remains UFC Champ

UFC women’s bantamweight champion and new Expendable Rousey defended her title against rival Tate, but her win did not come in the first round, and it was no walk in the park.

After a spirited back-and-forth fight, Rousey secured her patented armbar early in the third round to notch her second win over Tate, whom she took the Strikeforce belt from in March 2012.

While the champion’s performance was dominant, her behavior after the fight wasn’t applauded. Rousey refused to shake Tate’s hand in the cage and was loudly booed by the crowd.

A winded Rousey congratulated Tate for her performance, but added, “Once you insult my family, I can’t shake your hand.”

Although I'm not a big fan of a younger group of Expendables, I have to admit that Rousey is one hell of a fighter and her current UFC champ status is all positive publicity for "The Expendables 3".  It is well known that Sly is a marketing genius and has proved it once again with EX3 and its new cast.

Dec 28, 2013

EX2 Extended Cut Wanted By The Fans

Hello EX3 fans!

With EX3 in post-production now, many fans are wondering if there will be an EX2 Director's cut, or "Extended cut" released around August, to capitalize on the promotion. As Simon West said in his EX2 commentary, many scenes were cut short, due to the movie being too long. I'm not going to go into that, but it is obvious why certain powers wanted EX2 a certain length. Since Simon West is long gone from the EX franchise now, I'm not sure this will happen.

Jet Li's fight scene, the best in the whole movie, was cut in half. This really bugged me, as Jet only shot a few days. One would think they would want every frame of him onscreen. We also know from behind-the-scenes footage, there was a little more to the Sly-Van Damme fight that wasn't used. Who knows about the Adkins-Statham fight. Probably some of that was trimmed.

Sure, we have the deleted scenes that were included as part of the EX2 Blu-ray, but it would be nice to have everything that was shot in a Director's cut, so we can all see it put together. Several minutes of the airport scene were completely cut out, with Toll Road, Hale Caesar and Maggie all getting their fight scenes removed.

Maybe some of the scenes needed trimming, maybe not, but as fans, we deserve to see every frame shot. Hopefully Lionsgate will realize this and give us what we want. The EX1 Director's cut was superior to the theatrical cut, in a lot of people's opinions. Bring on the EX2 Director's cut!

New "Expendables 3 " Set Photos

Karly's Most Anticipated Movie of 2014: The Expendables 3

They say that 3 is a magic number so, naturally, my top pick for 2014 is the ridiculously violent new offering from everybody’s favourite gang of action oldies, The Expendables 3. I know I could have chosen something more noble such as Camp X-Ray but, the unintentional comedy gold kicked out by The Expendables franchise is like crack. With guns. You just can’t say no. 

When the torment of a house with no internet forced me to blow the dust of an, as yet unwatched, copy of the The Expendables I was pretty pessimistic about the whole affair. Watching Hollywood’s aging action elite drag themselves out of their La-Z-Boys to stretch their creaky joints back into ass kicking form just didn’t appeal. Then I saw Sylvester Stallone‘s unbelievably rubbery face juddering like a Shar Pei on a trampoline behind a machine gun and I had a sudden change of heart.

The Expendables franchise is an enormous reservoir of, mostly unintentional, testosterone driven comedy. The relentless slideshow of epic violence that makes the franchise undeniably gripping also frequently explodes into kitsch hilarity and that is how The Expendables won my cynical, black heart.

The plot synopsis of The Expendables 3 promises that the latest offering will be the best yet as the excerpt below should demonstrate;

Barney decides that he has to fight old blood with new blood, and brings in a new era of Expendables team members, recruiting individuals who are younger, faster and more tech-savvy. The latest mission becomes a clash of classic old-school style versus high-tech expertise
So, essentially The Expendables 3 is about some old guys who don’t like to mix with all that new fangled technology crap getting some young pups in to help them set up their internet router or something. Beautiful. Personally, I hope the old-school style wins because I want more bomb hurling, double machine gun toting, multiple throat slitting action rammed right down my neck. 

My only concern about the new film is the tragic lack of Jean-Claude Van Damme. I was really looking forwards to him getting his epic split on whilst perilously perched on some cruise missiles. Oh well, a girl can dream!

Below are my favourite The Expendables moments to rev your engines.

Stallone’s epic helicopter entrance 

Stallone jiggled and wobbled his way to helicopter based glory as he legged it down the pier in The Expendables 1. While i was genuinely worried he might have a cardiac arrest, my brief moment of concern was all but erased by the CGI nightmare that was his leap into the helicopter. 5 out of 5 so-bad-it’s-good points.

And, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I found this treasure of the actual filming. Look at that lacklustre flop onto a crash mat! You go girl!

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s knife kick

Van Damme is like Michael Flatley or something, his magical legs just keep on giving. Not only does he boot a blade straight into this cocky dick’s chest, he also does it with sunglasses for added cool. My hero!

Terry Crews shows us he’s da bomb!

With the immense power of his muscled muscles, Terry Crews lets out his inner old spice smoothness and lobs a bomb at a helicopter without even breaking a sweat. 
If all that action has warmed your cockles, The Expendables 3 is hitting cinemas on August the 15th 2014. Who wants to join me? If you supply the popcorn I’ll bring the hip flask.

Dec 25, 2013

The art of an EXPENDABLES teaser trailer!

I love art and these teasers are like art to me. Which teaser do you like best...comment below!

Have a Merry EXPENDABLES Christmas everyone!!! Go see Grudge Match and catch the new EX3 teaser on the BIG SCREEN where it is meant to be seen!

Callaham: The Expendables Script "Fucking Awful"

Following the lawsuit against Callaham (this is the guy who gets the "Story By" credit all the time), the producers are saying that Callaham withheld key evidence before the WGA tribunal that awarded him to receive first position in a "Screenplay By" credit -- ahead of Stallone.

Among Callaham's emails allegedly turned up is one from August 17, 2009 during the film's development where the writer claims the script for The Expendables "is FUCKING AWFUL… I am ASTOUNDED at how bad this is. I want you to know that it's nothing like what I wrote."

The following day, Callaham is said to have written two more colleagues, saying in email, "Put it this way: the idea and very loose structure [of The Expendables] is mine. Everything else…I plead the fifth. Or, to put it another way, if I get sole credit like I am asking for…it would be A MIRACLE."

Callaham not only got credit, but also received a "writing credit bonus" of $102,250. But perhaps more significantly, the arbitration ruling potentially entitles him to have "separated rights," pertaining to spin-offs. The 2009 arbitration was followed by one in May, 2013, where Callaham and his company claimed $175,000 as a "sequel payment" for Expendables 2. Callaham wants the money plus significant interest. Plus, he's seeking declaratory relief on Expendables 3 and future sequels.

The lawsuit filed by Nu Image traces the controversy back to 2002 when Callaham made a "Blind Commitment Agreement" with Warner Bros. over a script entitled Barrow. For that, Callaham was paid $250,000.

Stallone later got to work on Expendables, and in the course of his work, he "reviewed Callaham's script entitled Barrow and based part of the story for The Expendables on Barrow," according to Nu Image.

The production company says Stallone believed Callaham should get a shared "Story By" credit, but because Stallone was also a production executive (as well as director) on Expendables, WGA rules provided for automatic arbitration when Callaham demanded more.

The plaintiffs now say that Callaham has made false representations during the arbitration, damaging them. Represented by attorney Charles Coate, the plaintiffs are suing for fraud, unjust enrichment and equitable indemnity and seeking the return of money. Plus, the plaintiffs are seeking declaratory relief including that Stallone be given sole screenplay credit for The Expendables and that Callaham not be entitled to money for sequels. The lawsuit says that the WGA should discipline Callaham by its own rules.

Read the complaint here.

Dec 24, 2013

EX3 teaser trailer is a hit with audiences!

The EX3 teaser trailer hit the web several days ago and the great news is that the majority are loving what they got...and what they got was a TEASE...a good old fashion tease! Most movie sites have reported positive feedback. Just imagine what we will get with the next trailer in several months. My mouth is watering already.

The first film in 2010 grossed $274,470,394 WORLDWIDE. The second film in 2012 topped that figure with $311,979,256 WORLDWIDE -- Actual figures here for EX2. Rest assured that 2014's EX3 is going to be the biggest film yet in this action packed series.

P.S. BOXOFFICE MOJO, the biggest box-office site on the net, still lists EX2 at an old figure of $305,428192 worldwide. Mojo needs to stop being lazy and update the EX2 page with the actual $311,979,256 number.

Millennium sues writer David Callaham for alleged fraud in the screenwriting credit

Millennium Films and Nu Image have sued the Writers Guild of America West and writer David Callaham for alleged fraud in the screenwriting credit he received for 2010′s actioner “The Expendables.”

The suit was filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging fraud and unjust enrichment and declaratory relief.

The WGA West, which is the final arbiter over screenplay credits, and Callaham had no immediate response.

Millennium Films and Nu Image allege that the 2009 WGA arbitration gave Callaham a credit that was unwarranted. The plaintiffs are seeking the $102,250 bonus that was paid to Callaham and that the arbitration be reversed.

They are also seeking a jury trial, unspecified damages, legal fees and an order that they will not have to make sequel payments. And the plaintiffs have for the WGA to discipline Callaham.

The suit alleges Callaham had overstated his role in “The Expendables” script and withheld information from the WGA arbitration. According to the suit, Sylvester Stallone based some of the characters in the project’s script on Callaham’s “Barrow” script, which Stallone reviewed in 2002.

Because Stallone was also the director of the movie and a production executive, the WGA was required to hold the arbitration to determine screenplay credits.

The suit alleges that Callaham contended during the arbitration that he alone wrote the screenplay for ‘The Expendables” and asserts “these representations and Callaham’s position were patently false and confirmed by Callaham’s own written words and disclosures that came to light years thereafter.”

The WGA’s arbitration determined that Callaham receive the “story by” credit and the top spot in the shared “screenplay by” credit with Stallone. The suit said that Callaham and his Jittery Dog production company company began an arbitration this year for a $175,000 sequel payment for 2012’s “Expendables 2.”

Callaham has a “story by” screenplay credit on the upcoming “Godzilla” from Warner Bros. and Legendary. Stallone has over a dozen screenplay credits and received an Oscar nomination for the “Rocky” script.

The plaintiffs are  Nu Image Inc, Millennium Films, Double Life Productions, Alta Vista Productions Inc., Alta Vista Financing and Alta Vista Productions LLC. Plaintiffs are represented by Charles Coate and Darius Anthony Vosylius of Santa Monica firm Costa, Abrams & Coate LLP.

Dec 22, 2013

"The Expendables 3" Top Billed Cast

Here's the order in which "The Expendables 3" Cast is billed, and the final character names:

Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross

Jason Statham as Lee Christmas

Antonio Banderas as Galgo

Jet Li as Yin Yang

Wesley Snipes as Doc

Dolph Lundgren as Gunner Jensen

Kelsey Grammer as Bonaparte

With Mel Gibson as Conrad Stonebanks

With Harrison Ford as Drummer

And Arnold Schwarzenegger as Trench

Terry Crews as Hale Caesar

Randy Couture as Toll Road

Kellan Lutz as John Smilee

Ronda Rousey as Luna

Glen Powell as Thorn

Victor Ortiz as Mars

Robert Davi as Vata

Sarai Givaty as Camilla

EX3 Teaser Pics

Blown up pics of the cast. A lot of people were curious if this was shot all at once. The answer is no. A lot of the cast had left by the time Gibson had arrived in Bulgaria. Looked like they green-screened them in separately.

Dec 21, 2013

Rousey Talks Expendables 3 in Maxim

You can appreciate Rousey's new pictures in Maxim this month plus a little bit of The Expendables 3 talk, nothing to get overly excited about other than her pictures...

Maxim: What was it like boxing with former WBC champ Victor Ortiz on the set of The Expendables 3

Rousey: We did a lot of clinching stuff together. We found some random boxing club in the middle of Bulgaria - we would move around the ring and I’d have to try and clinch him, and he’d have to try and get away from me, which is good for him. He’s got great footwork from pure boxing. He would try to run away and I’d try to cut him off. One day, he was like, “Try to throw me once. I just want to know”’ So then he found out what it’s like!

Dec 20, 2013

Why Seagal Didn't Do Expendables 3 (But Still Could)...

IGN spoke to Seagal who said that, "some unpleasant politics" with "certain folks, not the actors" got in the way of his participation with the EX franchise, which may be in reference to his reportedly less-than-solid relationship with Expendables producer Avi Lerner whom the actor had worked with on several direct-to-video projects previously. In any event, there's still a chance that we may see the '90s icon in an Expendables film after all.

Seagal elaborated on his potential involvement, saying, "Hopefully we've gone beyond that [the previous roadblocks]. Sly just called me the other day and said that they were still [interested]. And I said, 'Hey buddy, you're my friend, let me know.' He said he was going to send me a script."
The actor hasn't seen a script just yet, and it's not entirely clear if the conversation was a very preliminary check-in for a possible fourth film, which seems logical as they wrapped production on the third in October. However, there’s a chance that Seagal could appear in a small cameo role in The Expendables 3 if they add him in during standard pick-ups/reshoots.

The actor did turn down a cameo in the first film, though, so another possibility is that he'd show up an after-credits sequence in The Expendables 3, leading into a more central/villainous role in the next installment. Either way, he's always seemed like a no-brainer for the guns and brawn world of The Expendables.

Dec 18, 2013

EX3 Teaser Trailer To Premiere Tomorrow

Hey EX3 fans!

The Expendables 3 teaser trailer will premiere tomorrow, Dec. 19 at 10am PST. Word is, it was shot  exclusively on set. Epic!

Dec 13, 2013

Will EX3 teaser appear end of December or early January?

Exciting times for action fans!!! With THE EXPENDABLES 3 finished filming and now being edited by Sly, Patrick Hughes and the editors of the film, the teaser trailer is upon us and ready to be shown to the world. 'JOX' over at StalloneZone informed us over a month ago that a 'stand-alone' teaser was shot and in the the trailer is ready!. When it will premiere is the next question.

My guess is that the EX3 teaser will premiere with Stallone's very own GRUDGE MATCH which opens Christmas Day:

If the teaser does not premiere with Grudge Match in December then my second guess is that it will premiere with the new HERCULES film in January. Afterall, that film is being released by Lionsgate/Summit and it does star one of the expendables himself, Kellan Lutz:

Dec 12, 2013

Kellan Lutz Too Tall for Expendables 3!

Lutz was promoting Hercules this week and revealed a bit about Expendables 3.

“You’re working with all these guys, all these iconic legends and I’m taller than most of them,” Lutz said. “So I’m trying to slouch in pictures, trying to honor them and not stand out. Even Sly’s like [in Stallone voice], ‘Stop working out.’ I’m like, ‘Yes, sir!’ I’m skinny now because of Expendables. I didn’t want anyone to get mad at me.”

On how he got a role in EX3 he said:

“His [Stallone] girls saw Twilight, so they already love me, and a good friend of mine Liam Hemsworth was in the second one. I think his girls are Sly’s casting directors, but also Sly watched Arena. He told me he really loved what I did in Arena and I’m very proud of that movie as well.”

On his fellow Expendables he further added that “all the guys are super cool and just legendary to work with. There were no Type A personalities on board. Everyone was just there to make a great movie.”

Dec 9, 2013

Couple of Set Pics

Nothing really new lately on the EX3 news front. We are all awaiting the EX3 teaser trailer. The teaser for EX2 was released Dec 14, 2012, so it may be soon. 2 pics popped up that maybe not everyone has seen yet of Arnold and Sly on set.

Dec 4, 2013

Should EX3 move into the FAST 7 July slot?

R.I.P. Paul Walker.

There is no way FAST 7 makes its July 2014 release date now. More important things are being focused on in the aftermath of Walker's death. The 7th film in the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise has been shut down for the time being. Read details here!

Now, EX3 is set to debut in August where the first two films in the action franchise dominated by opening at #1 and holding that spot for two weekends in a row. But...would it be smart for Lionsgate to move the film up into the FAST 7 slot so that hungry summer moviegoers can feast on what is to be THE MOTHER OF ALL ACTION MOVIES! Lionsgate should at least be considering it.

With the EX3 teaser trailer around the corner, here is a video Dolph put on his FaceBook to hold us over...enjoy!

Dec 3, 2013

"Parting gift from the expendables".

Is Danny Trejo trying to give Sly a hint that he wants his "Bad Ass" character to join the EX team in the 4th film? You be the judge:

Nov 29, 2013

Lutz: Expendables was dream job - Video

"I got to work with all my heroes. I love action movies so working with Sly, Statham, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas, Jet Li, Arnold, Harrison Ford - what a dream job," he said.
"We were all in a helicopter with everyone piled in and I thought, 'When will this happen again?' And Arnold had his tag line, 'Get to the chopper!' Everyone loved being there, everyone was so much fun to work with."
Kellan plays a character known as Smilee and joked his name doesn't reflect his true nature.
" Smilee doesn't smile, that's for sure," he quipped. " My character is the leader of the young Expendables - Sly has to recruit some younger guns because the older guys are showing some wear and tear."
The actor hailed Jason as a real-life hero after his truck rolled into the Black Sea as they filmed in Bulgaria.
"Jason's a beast. He's a stuntman so he knows how to take care of himself," he recalled. "He went into saviour mode and wanted to take care of everyone. He wasn't concerned about himself. Hats off to Jason."
Kellan also described Mel Gibson as a "genius", saying: "I had a scene with him and he is just the genius to work with. I've been a huge fan of him.
"For Hercules, I watched Braveheart every single day on set because he had some of the most epic battle scenes and battle yells so it was fun talking to him about that."

Here's the link to the Video - 1:55 Mark.

Nov 25, 2013

Very good fan-made teaser for EX3 and a reminder of Homefront!

The very talented MikeFrenchy of both StalloneZone and TheArnoldFans has put together this EX3 teaser trailer to help with the wait until the official one arrives...enjoy!

Also, here is Sly and Jason from the set of EX3 reminding action fans of their latest collaboration together, HOMEFRONT. It opens Thanksgiving weekend.

Here are some international spots for HOMEFRONT pushing "FROM SYLVESTER STALLONE". Statham should thank his lucky stars that Stallone has brought HUGE success to his career by casting him in these commercial movies:

Nov 24, 2013

EXPENDABLES trailers always KICK ASS!!!

Remember these AMAZING trailers:



The first teaser trailer for THE EXPENDABLES 3 is upon us and should make its debut sometime in DECEMBER. Let the hype begin and let the kick ass marketing campaign commence. If the EX3 trailers are as good as the ones for the first two BLOCKBUSTERS then we are in for a treat!

Nov 18, 2013

Conrad's Wife (Kristina) is Played by Natalie Burn

Contrary to the popular belief that Conrad's (Gibson) wife/girlfriend in EX3 was played by the Israeli Actress Sarai Givaty (Camilla), Natalie Burn did actually play Conrad's wife Kristina!

She's the actress that published a few pictures a couple of weeks ago with the EX3 cast that I posted on EXBlog.

Natalia Guslistaya (Natalie Burn) is an actress, choreographer, soloist in many classical and modern ballet performances and stunt player. She danced in the Bolshoi Theater, La Scala, the Royal National Theater and other legendary venues. She is a member of the renowned Actors Studio in New York and West Hollywood, California. She is a film and theater actress, also known as dance and music clip producer.

This is not the first time she plays alongside an Expendable. In 2011 she played Elianna with Lundgren in "In the Name of the King: Two Worlds".

Here's the link to her website if you'd like to know more about her.

Sly & Mel Pics

Nov 17, 2013

Random EX3 Pics

Ford on Set
Rousey & JJ
The Expendables Plane

Love on Set

Mel Gibson has reportedly been flirting with Sarai Givaty who plays Camilla in EX3.

Gibson has been getting on well with the Israeli beauty on the set of 'Expendables 3' and insiders say he has won her over with his charm and Sarai loves being with him.

The source added to National Enquirer magazine: ''She thinks he's very charming. They love each other's company.''

Way to go Mel...

Nov 15, 2013

Expendables Knives

Check out this site for a cool look at the man who created the Expendables knives, Gil Hibben. There isn't anything on the site specifically about EX3, but a great read, still.