Dec 21, 2013

Rousey Talks Expendables 3 in Maxim

You can appreciate Rousey's new pictures in Maxim this month plus a little bit of The Expendables 3 talk, nothing to get overly excited about other than her pictures...

Maxim: What was it like boxing with former WBC champ Victor Ortiz on the set of The Expendables 3

Rousey: We did a lot of clinching stuff together. We found some random boxing club in the middle of Bulgaria - we would move around the ring and I’d have to try and clinch him, and he’d have to try and get away from me, which is good for him. He’s got great footwork from pure boxing. He would try to run away and I’d try to cut him off. One day, he was like, “Try to throw me once. I just want to know”’ So then he found out what it’s like!

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  1. Ronda Rousey's involvement in Expendables 3 marks another milestone in her transition from the world of mixed martial arts to Hollywood. Her role in the film showcased not only her physical prowess but also her acting skills, opening up new opportunities in the entertainment industry.