Apr 30, 2012

New EX2 Still

Fans Favorite #DirtyDozen Character Posters

After the release of the #DirtyDozen Character Posters, a few websites have gauged fans to choose their favorite poster. We gathered a few results from different websites. In addition to Lundgren who probably has the most badass poster, Norris, Schwarzenegger & Van Damme seem to be the other most popular characters. Maybe because fans await their comeback the most vs. other action stars who have been more active over the past few years.

Lundgren                29.6%
Van Damme           17.5%
Norris                      15.4%
Schwarzenegger  13.7%


Norris                      100
Schwarzenegger   71

Stallone                  49
Van Damme           45

Expendables Premiere

Van Damme           44.6%
Schwarzenegger   16.2%
Lundgren                12.4%
Stallone                  10.6%

Statham Talks EX2 & Briefly EX3

Here's an interview of Statham where he talks about EX2 and Stallone's power to have assembled so may action stars in the movie. He briefly talks about EX3 without giving much away.

EX2 Trailer on May 4

TAFs have received confirmation from the European Lionsgate distributor that the Expendables 2 trailer will be ONLINE May 4th!

Apr 26, 2012

All 12 Character Posters for The Expendables 2!

The 12 character posters for EX2 have been released today throughout the web using 11 different movie websites and the official Expendables Facebook. To see all 12 Posters in HD click here.
Each website has been given one of the posters, they are as follows: 

Ain't It Cool - Stallone
Comingsoon - Schwarzenegger
Collider - Willis
Yahoo! Movies - Van Damme
MTV Movies - Norris
JoBlo - Lundgren
Hitfix - Statham
Cinema Blend - Li 
Fandango - Couture
IGN - Yu
AOL Moviefone - Hemsworth
Official Expendables Facebook - Crews

Apr 25, 2012

Are You Ready To Meet The Expendables?

The official Facebook page of the Expendables posted today that "each member of the #DirtyDozen will be introduced across the web tomorrow, one by one. Do you think you can find them all? Warning; only the toughest badasses will succeed.

Share this post if you think you are up to the challenge."

First Look @ The EX2 Trailer: Description Only

“I’m back,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger in the trailer.
And, yes. The Expendables team is back.

Lionsgate premiered the trailer for “The Expendables 2” before the CinemaCon 2012 crowd, which was viewing the comedy “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”
The trailer started off with team in the jungle surrounded by ruthless soldiers, and Barny Ross (played by Sylvester Stallone) kills the soldiers using his finger as a pistol. Actually, the new recruit The Kid (played by Liam Hemsworth) was the sniper that killed the soldiers.
It gave the audience a good glimpse of the old team of Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture with the new team members of Hemsworth and Nan Yu. But, it also focused on Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis in action for the sequel.
Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme were seen in the movie.
The most noticeable things in the trailer were with Schwarzenegger and Willis driving in a tiny European smart car and a fist/kung fu fight between Stallone and Van Damme.
Don’t worry…..there’s plenty of explosions in the trailer.

Lionsgate will release the actual trailer soon. So be on the lookout for it.
Source: Latino Review

EX2 Trailer on The Avengers

According to Collider's editor in chief, Lionsgate will try to have the EX2 Trailer on The Avengers. Steven Weintraub has already seen the trailer and tweeted that the sequel looks awesome, the trailer looks 10000% better than the first film, and it shows Van Damme & Stallone fighting and Norris. 

We can not wait any longer, bring it on!

Apr 23, 2012

EX2 Trailer To Be Released This Week?

According to LA Times, this week at the CinemaCon trade show "Lionsgate will debut the trailer for Expendables 2". The event kicks off Monday and closes Thursday with a celebrity-studded awards show honoring everyone from Sylvester Stallone to newcomer Diego Boneta.

LA Times does not specify whether the trailer to be shown is the teaser or the actual official trailer. Hopefully it's the actual trailer and if the case, chances are we might see it released on line sometime this week or latest next week. Awesome News if Lionsgate does actually release the actual trailer to the general public after this trade show.

Apr 20, 2012

On The Set Of 'The Tomb'

Zimbio has published a long series of on set photos of "The Tomb", here a sample. Apparently Emma Thompson was also on the set, not sure if she has a role in the movie. To view the entire series, click here.

Apr 19, 2012

"The Tomb" New Photos

Just came across a couple of on-set photos of "The Tomb" with Sly & 50 Cent.


Apr 18, 2012

Legends in Action: Original Picture

As expected the original picture of "Legends in Action" has been made available and here it is.

Adkins Back to Bulgaria for More EX2

Good to be back and reporting on EX2 with a rather surprising news: Adkins tweeted today that he is "back to Bulgaria for more Expendables!!" 
This raises a massive question: is the crew back for re-shoots for the "R" Rating, or new scenes are being added to support the sequel EX3? More info to follow...

Apr 16, 2012

Lubo & The Expendables Part II

Back in Dec 2011 I posted a few pictures of Lubo and the EX team from the EX2 set. Well a new bunch have just surfaced on the net thanks to our friends at

For those who missed our post back then, Lubo is a Bulgarian mixed martial artist AKA The Hammer or The Rower. Given that he's of Bulgarian descent he could have been in Bulgaria during the filming of EX2 and simply stopped by to say hello to the team. It'd be cool if he played a role in the movie. Enjoy the pictures.

The Tomb Starts Today!

Schwarzenegger has posted a picture of himself and 50 Cent saying that it's "great to meet @50cent. It's always exciting to start a new project. The Tomb is going to be fun."
Get ready, after EX2, The Tomb is going to be the most awaited Stallone/Schwarzenegger project. Can't wait to see more on set photos to be released over the next few weeks...

Apr 15, 2012

Hemsworth Theory Becomes Stronger

A series of new photos from the EX2 set have been released by our friends at

One of the pictures is quite interesting showing Hemsworth in blood, with injuries that seem to have been caused by a one-on-one combat. After yesterday's revelation that he was kicked by Van Damme, this picture makes the Hemsworth theory of getting viciously killed early in the movie, during Church's mission, by the hands of Vilain (Mr. Van Damme himself) stronger than ever. My friend Gunter still bets on Rourke, but I'm convinced that it's Hemsworth. 

Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis Action Shot

Here's the clean version of the already legendary picture of Stallone/Schwarzenegger/Willis in Action, scanned directly from the EW magazine. The original picture should show up any time soon on the net, in the meantime enjoy this one!

Apr 14, 2012

Hemsworth Kicked by Van Damme!

According to EW in an interview with Hemsworth, the new EX revealed that "once Jean-Claude [Van Damme] kicked [him] in the chest by accident." He further said that "it was like a present, one of the most awesome kicks you could ever receive.”

This confirms that there has been interaction between Hemsworth and Van Damme on the set and possibly a fight in the movie. I'm inclined to say that this further strengthens my theory that Hemsworth is the EX who is viciously killed by Vilain.

Legends in Action: Willis, Stallone and Schwarzenegger Photos in EX2

DesdeHollywood.com have captured a couple of pictures from the EW magazine where Stallone, Schwarzenegger & Willis are seen standing side by side firing their guns. Amazing pictures, giving us a taste of what is coming in EX2, expectations are set. This further confirms our theory of the finale at the airport where the three action icons fight the villains (Van Damme's team) side by side. We had written an article on this scene when the photo of their stunts was released on the internet back in Dec. 2011.

Info thanks to Feepop through expendablespremiere.com.

Apr 11, 2012

50 Cent to Play Stallone's Sidekick in The Tomb

According to London Evening Standard, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has revealed he will play Stallone's sidekick in The Tomb. 

Jackson revealed he will play Stallone's right-hand man, a reformed cyber criminal.

He said: "I'm Stallone's assistant. It's going to be cool. I play a computer expert who has been incarcerated in the past for cyber crimes, and I work for Stallone's character now as he goes in and out of the different systems. It's cool, it's a really cool project. When I read it for the first time I was really excited about it."

Jackson added: "I was actually going to be a part of The Expendables. I would have played Terry Crews' role in that but I had an album that was coming out in the same period and a fragrance launch and a lot of other things I had lined up. It was interesting the way it went down. A friend of mine is (producer) Avi Lerner and he actually financed that movie. So it's cool. I can't wait to see the second one they did. I didn't try to get involved in the sequel. I already had this picture (The Tomb) lined up and I was a fan of this script."

Apr 5, 2012

Seagal in EX3?

In a recent interview with the French site excessif.com Seagal confirmed that "they are planning to make another one (EXPENDABLES 3) and they've already made me an offer"
So not only we have a confirmation that EXPENDABLES 3 will happen after Couture's interview but that Seagal has been offered a role as well! We really hope he accepts and that we'll see him in EX3.

Apr 4, 2012

Amy Ryan, Vincent D’Onofrio and 50 Cent Join Schwarzenegger and Stallone in THE TOMB

Not EX2 related but we have been treating "The Tomb" as a spin-off so here some news on the cast. 

According to Variety, director Mikael Hafstrom has added three more names to the cast: Amy Ryan, Vincent D’Onofrio and 50 Cent.  
Ryan is set as the female lead in the action pic. She’ll play Stallone’s business partner and potential love interest.   

Law & Order: Criminal Intent star D’Onofrio is in talks to play the deputy director of the Prisons Bureau.  He convinces Stallone’s character to do one last job before he retires (natch).

We had reported that Jones was also part of the cast now, he is set in a villainous role as a ruthless guard with no moral compass who enjoys making life difficult for the protag.

No details are given for 50 Cent’s role.

Apr 2, 2012

EX2 Premiere Tickets

In case you are interested and live in the area to attend this auction (or send someone to attend for you), KSK have an auction on April 20th where they will bid two EX2 Premiere tickets. 

The tickets come in a package that contains a round trip for two to Hollywood with a two night stay and limo service. Two tickets to the premiere of Expendables 2 and a script autographed by the stars of the film. 

You can find the full information here, page 2 of the PDF file. If you win the package don't forget to let us know and we'll post your story on the Blog.

Good Luck!