Jun 28, 2012

More EX2 Stills

We collected a bunch of new stills and photos that have shown up on different websites across the globe, and here they are for the pleasure of your eyes.

Jun 24, 2012

New EX2 Stills

A new series of stills have found their way to the web, and here they are. I like the one with Van Damme, it kicks ass. Can't wait, counting days to Aug 17.

Jun 20, 2012

Track 'Em Find 'Em Kill 'Em

Seems like someone's trying to get the Expendables' attention. Well Mr. Vilain, you've got it. 

Check out the new EX2 villains website: www.trackemfindemkillem.com  

Jun 17, 2012

Los Indestructibles 2

Here's the Latin-American version of the EX2 poster. Click for the large view.

Jun 15, 2012

EX2 New Poster

The all-new EX2 poster. Not bad, while waiting for a more awesome version, hopefully? Maybe not? Are you talking to me? Is this the final Poster? Yes? Come on...

Jun 4, 2012

2 New EX2 TV Spots: More Action Legends

I'm getting used to the EX2 roller coaster, and I mean this positively. No news, nothing for months and then you get hit with lots of good things so fast that your brain can't even absorb fast enough. 

2 new TV spots released within 2 days just a few days after the first one, and all with new footage not seen before. Scenes that give you the action legends in one shot, am I really awake here, it can't be real...

TV Spot #2 "How Many Legends Does It Take"


TV Spot #3 - "All The Legends"