Oct 31, 2013


Rousey says while she was shooting EX3 in which she plays a gun-toting killing machine, the calluses on her knuckles went away, which made her hands softer and more vulnerable to ripping open. 

FYI - generally, fighters enjoy having calluses on their knuckles, because it toughens up their hands for contact.

Source: TMZ

Oct 29, 2013

Harrison Ford Explains His Role in The Expendables 3

In an exclusive sit down chat with Movieweb, Ford told them more about Leader Max Drummer, who is essentially on hand to give Stallone's Barney Ross orders. Click here to watch as he explains his role to Ryan J. Downey for this upcoming thriller.
"I'm playing a character that is an authority figure. He creates an assignment. He manages the Expendables, and he has an interesting relationship to the character sly plays. While I am involved a little bit in the action, not so much. Its an interesting character, and I didn't know Sly before. It was fun."

Oct 28, 2013

EX3 Cast/Crew T-Shirt

Earlier, this was reported to be an EX3 poster, but apparantly this is from a EX3 T-shirt for the cast & crew.

Oct 25, 2013

Expendables 4 Will Probably Be Made

In an interview given to the Bulgarian news outlet Standart by Lerner, he confirms that Expendables 4 will probably be made in Bulgaria again. Here' the Google translation:

-Mr. Lerner , is it true that " Expendables 3 " will be the largest action in the current history of the genre ? 
- Absolutely . There is so much action , dynamics, fire and killed than in any other in the world. True kinovoyna . I am extremely pleased by everything that happened here because of the " Expendables 3 ." It was the best - studio teams locations . And the second part made ​​in Bulgaria . And the fourth will probably shoot here .

- What are your next projects? 
- The first is "Survivor ." In the main role is Milla Jovovich - she's runaway , which sweeps away everything in its path. It came in February more Emma Thompson, Pierce Brosnan , Angela Bassett, Ed Harris. In March we will land a great star and bar with the working title "criminal ." In April, it is the turn of the female version of "The Expendables " - Expendebells superaktrisite with Meryl Streep and Cameron Diaz . I am confident that you will get a great story... 


The New Expendables

Oct 24, 2013

More EX3 Tidbits

Although principle EX3 filming is finished, EX4 is already being talked about by the Bulgarians, according to this article. Rambo V is mentioned to be made there, also.

"So it has been with " The Expendables ." This will also be the next Rambo , and the " Expendables 4" for which Stallone was going to return to Sofia. If , of course, native politicians decide forever to put Bulgaria on the map of the world's largest film industry by law for film incentives."

Mel Gibson stopped for a few pictures on his way out of Bulgaria....

And a couple more Sly pics.....

Oct 23, 2013

Stallone: Physical Clash with Arnold Last One

Stallone declared in a recent interview while promoting his latest movie Escape Plan that:
"For Arnold and I not to physically clash in the film, I think that would be a tremendous disappointment" 

"It seems like I've gone through just about every cinematic character, from Mr T, to Dolph Lundgren, to Apollo Creed, to Hulk Hogan, and hundreds of others... but this would probably be the last one.

"I thought Jean-Claude Van Damme was going to be the last one in The Expendables 2, but then there was Arnold. We had to give the audience a certain kind of satisfaction to really play into what people have wanted to see for many years. So people are expecting fireworks and they get it."

So what about his clash with Gibson in EX3 and no clash in EX4? I still like to see a clash with Seagal.

Great New Sly Interview

This article has a cool interview with Sly as he was wrapping up filming of EX3. I really liked how he never mentioned this was the last one, or anything like that. Sounds like he had a great time filming in Bulgaria....

"Sylvester Stallone came with whipped eyebrow and gutter blood flowed from his split lip. Incredibly realistic stage makeup initially startled reporter "24 hours" . Star dedicate 10 minutes to a meeting with journalists - in the break between the two scenes.

- Mr. Stallone for the third time you are in our country and the second time you come here to shoot " The Expendables ." How the country has changed over the years ? Is there a difference ?

- The difference is huge. Over the past 4-5 years, many Bulgarians have izpedeptsali . Before filming had to lead U.S. experts now while your people can do anything . Become are fantastic professionals. Now it is easier to obtain any materials you need. In Bulgaria is working hard . Almost everyone speaks English and you can understand them , so that the stars do not have any problems in this regard .The first time was different. I just can not believe how much has changed - one hundred percent improvement. You already enjoy the latest technologies , the sound is a thousand times better , everything is better . My impressions are very good . Ten times easier it was to do " Expendables 3 " rather than " The Expendables 2 " .

- What difficulties had to fight for your previous coming ?

- It 's like another world - two different cultures, trying to grind flour. Somehow we got used to , but it takes time. Now everything is perfect - the food , the people . It is very difficult - though in this production we have 17 stars. Yet all goes according to plan.
You have to admit the Bulgarians in " Nu Boyana " - did it perfect .Without them, everything would be much worse .

- Were you able to see some Bulgarians?

- No. The thing is that people imagine that making a movie is a big party that night going out , dancing , going to bars . Nothing like this - in the evening barely crawled to her room , lockable , stick your head into your TV and you wake up in the morning. Our life is very boring. Filming is tedious work .
Then already very nice, but during filming - like weave carpet.Everything is slow , heavy , but the end result is worth it! If you do go out - as I was in a restaurant, I loved it , but most are in the restaurant , because we are too tired to go elsewhere.

-Have you ever been chased paparazzi in Bulgaria ?

- Yes, I've been pursued .

- Where are you shooting outside Boyana ?

- Did a fantastic scenes at the Museum of Art ( actually talking about building " Vertigo " to "Bulgaria " ) , at the airport , which also was amazing. We built a variety of decors. Even if we raised over a bridge in the middle of a military base. Such a thing can not happen in America. I thought the bridge was true that there 's at least '10 And they were built in no time - in the middle of the grass. There, we shot a great scene with Mel Gibson - a battle helicopters, very big. And I'm thinking, "Oh, how does it get that bridge? " And they were built . For 24 hours. And the next day it broke down . Good grief ! This is incredible. Elsewhere would take at least two months.
This happened for two days.

- Why , what 's the difference?

- On the one hand, the bureaucracy , on the other hand - here 's another thought . People work hard . Their lives are hard and they are accustomed to adversity . Sweat and cold and heat . Once something has to be done, just grab and do whatever the difficulties .
In some countries this simply can not happen - there are trade unions, etc.

- What to expect from " The Expendables 3 " ?

- This will be the best episode. We have a great director and a true star team. I have not seen a movie in which to engage so many stars. Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford , Wesley Snipes , Antonio Banderas , Jason Stetam - the list is endless. We also have a new generation of stars - 21 to 22 years old. I have a wife - world champion in MMA . She herself stunts that are directly seen . So viewers can expect from the new movie " The Expendables 3 " humor , dramatic moments , tension, but mostly surprises."

Oct 22, 2013

Sly and Davi

With production over with, looks like no New Orleans or LA filming ever materialized. So unless they somehow actually snuck onto the set in Bulgaria, no Chan, Willis, or Rourke. They were all rumored to be spotted on set, but this never was confirmed.

We do finally have a pic of Sly and Davi....

EX3 is "in the can"!

That's a wrap! Sly tweeted this today:

"Expendables 3 in the can. Fantastic film. Ford, Gibson, Snipes, Banderas, and Grammer 
were amazing!"

"The young expendables: Rousey, Lutz, Ortiz, and Powell killed it!!"

Now bring on the teaser trailer in November or December!

Oct 19, 2013

Gibson's Henchmen

We know all the good guys in EX3 (Stallone, Statham, Banderas, Li, Snipes, Lundgren, Ford, Schwarzenegger, Grammer, etc) but we only know one bad guy: Gibson! So I was wondering who the other bad guys or Gibson's henchmen would be in the 3d installment of what is hoped to become the best action movie of all ages!?

It's probably safe to assume that Davi is one of the bad guys and henchman to Gibson. Obviously there is this guy fighting Statham's double in this picture:

Then I think there is Thomas Canestraro who I reported a while ago to be a new addition to the cast. And now there is another new addition Sarai Givaty who I think will be Rousey's female antagonist. I also believe that the role was supposed to go to Jovovich but finally went to a fairly unknown actress after the latter signed up for a new Millennium film "Survivor".

EX3 seems to be following in footsteps of F&F6 where the henchmen were all unknown actors to the general public; Carano was probably the most known evil member of the group, Taslim was only known to hardcore action fans, and Kold to soccer fans. Thank god we are getting Gibson instead of Evans (no offense).

Canestraro is a French kickboxer (with JJ & Davi in the below pictures) and Givaty a well known actress, and model in Israel. Welcome to the Expendables Family!


Exclusive Gibson's Interview

Exclusive Interview conducted by the Bulgarian news outlet Standart:

- Mr. Gibson, what are your impressions of Bulgaria so far?
- I don't have much time to look around – I work, sleep, exercise or have other commitments related to the shooting. Most often I'm in the studio - watching how others are working.

- How did you react when Stallone invited you for the role?
- Well, quite simple. He called and asked, "Do you want to play something in The Expendables?" I replied "Yes, yes - I'll be The Bad. You just come up with something fun, something cool. I'll come and help you with whatever I can". Then we sat down, we talked about the characters and we planned some scenes. Sly is great - very open, very easy to work with it.

- Tell us something about your character.
- He's a contract killer, a mercenary - not very pleasant individual. He is The Bad Guy.

- But you like playing The Bad Guy...
- Of course.

- Would you come to shoot your movie in the Boyana Film Studios?
- Yes, why not? The studio here is wonderful. I have been watching the teams – they work great. It will be good to have many other productions here. I do not know if you have a law on incentives for the film industry - as they do in most European countries. For tax reasons a lot of people would come to shoot in Bulgaria - it would be beneficial to your economy, there will be more jobs. Then I would certainly do here some of my projects.

- Were you able to meet with Hristo Shopov and Hristo Zhivkov, who you directed in "The Passion of the Christ"
- Oh yeah, we met the other day - we had some time to talk, to laugh. And Hristo Zhivkov made ​​steaks for me in LA – he came to my home for a visit. It was cool. Anyway, they are both great actors.

- Rumor has it you are preparing something spectacular.
- Yes, in the future. I am always ready with large projects. But I've learned my lesson from the past. If I share what I'm shooting, there is always someone stealing my ideas and then copying me. So now I keep quiet. I prefer surprises. I like it when everyone is left surprised. As if I stalked them, I slipped behind their back. But I don't like it when someone does it behind mine.

- Before leaving for the shooting in Bulgaria, you were joking with a journalist from CNN, that you've come here to sell shoes...
- I must have been totally exhausted by fatigue from flying.

- Have you tried our kitchen?
- Oh, yes - I eat everything I'm offered. Shopska salad, too, of course.

- How do you like our wines?
- I only drink water and coffee.

- Would you be willing to do holiday in Bulgaria?
- Yes, I hope I will have the time to travel a bit around. Although there is much work here - the days and nights merge. But if I would get some free hours, I would drive around the country – to look at the different cities, nature, whatever you've got.

- How much time do you dedicate to fitness?
- I try to go to the gym at least every other day. I spend three hours there - and believe me, it is a lot. But I do not lift weights.

New EX3 Photos

Oct 17, 2013

Stallone: Statham was unbelievable when Expendables 3 stunt went wrong

Stallone has praised Statham in a recent interview for being ‘cool’ after a stunt on the set of The Expendables 3 went wrong.

Statham was shooting a scene on a truck in Bulgaria when it careered out of control into the Black Sea.
Sly said it was ‘unbelievable’ how Statham managed to save himself.

He told Metro.co.uk in an exclusive interview for his forthcoming film The Escape Plan: ‘We had a scene where a truck went out of control and Jason Statham went to the bottom of the river.
‘If all the Expendables had been on that – we were supposed to be on it a minute later – it could have been fatal.’

He praised Statham’s professional behavior after he managed to escape from the vehicle.

‘The truck went to the bottom of the river taking the camera crew and the camera crane,’ Sly said.

‘We lost a million dollars of equipment in a moment and Jason was unbelievable because he’s in heavy boots and swam to the top.

‘He was cool. He cleaned off. A lot of people would have said, “I’m done”.’

Stallone added: ‘I’m just telling you how dangerous this is. This isn’t a little going into a pond. This was off a 12 foot pier, five foot to the bottom.’

Oct 16, 2013

Bits of EX3 News & The Final Battle (Spoiler Alert)

According to one of EX3's hair stylists there are only 7 days left of shooting. The Expendables 3 was initially planned to be in production for 10 weeks in Bulgaria. Filming started on Aug 19 and should wrap towards mid/end of next week.

Ortiz wearing Rousey's stunt wing!

Jovovich, Chan and Rourke are mentioned again by a Bulgarian news outlet. According to Standart "since last Wednesday Gibson is filming on the set of The Expendables 3. Former Mad Max Gibson is going to join in as the villain in the action blockbuster along with co-stars Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Milla Jovovich, Jackie Chan, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas."

Finally some details of the final battle revealed by this Bulgaian news outlet: Gibson is filming his scenes in Sofia's Royal Palace where his final fight with Stallone will take place.  

Spoiler (Stallone will apparently enter the Palace through the roof, and after killing Conrad's henchmen he'll get to Gibson and kill him in the final fight).

Dolph Lundgren!

More EX3 Filming News

According to Robert Davi's Twitter,

"just got to Bulgaria - start shooting tomorrow -- EXPENDABLES 3"

And this article states,

"Expendables 3 " will show as Sofia Romanian city.

Within a few days the team of Sylvester Stallone , who has two months in the country to film the third part of the action movie " The Expendables " will close the city center.
The area around the hotel " Sheraton " and Party House - is now the second building of the National Assembly , the team has a plan to shoot footage of many bodies and explosions .

Actually, the action will be filmed in the city center , but the script is called the Romanian city. It is very likely that this is Bucharest , capital of Romania.

Actors to plan to shoot this scene next week. In recent days, however, their program are often amended at the last minute , said people in the cinema center "Boyana". There is talk that the cause is a mild illness Sylvester Stallone .

Gibson , however, is on the set. Yesterday, the American actor has shot important scenes action from morning to evening in Boyana.

By the end of this week, the team has to move and the government residence " Lozenets " . It is also included in the program of Stallone , he even has official permission to film inside and in the courtyard of the military club."

Oct 15, 2013

Arnold and Jet Li in action scene together!!!

Check out this cool interview where both Sly and Arnold talk about the upcoming 'MOTHER OF ALL ACTION MOVIES', The Expendables 3. In the interview Arnold mentions a cool kick ass sounding action scene he has with Jet Li and Sly talks about telling EX3 director Patrick Hughes (Red Hill) to approach this 3rd film as if the other two did not exist...enjoy!

Oct 14, 2013

Gibson's First Pic

Finally, the first pictures are starting to come. Also note the tattoo on Gibson's forearm, probably the Expendables mark.


This picture says a thousand words....

The New Expendables

Here's a picture of 3 of the new Expendables on set. Given that all the Old Expendables have left Bulgaria, the assumption is that the new Expendables will be filming their scenes with Gibson this week.

Oct 12, 2013

The Lady with Red Hair

The Lady who mysteriously appeared on an on-set picture with Stallone is Nicole Venables the hair stylist of the Expendables 3. Here some of the pictures and tweets she posted over the past few days:

The dark, dangerous, yet so glamorous sets - Loving every minute of it! #expendables3 #exp3hairteam #slystallone

nicolevenables-@beautyontherun & Barney Ross #expendables3 #exp3hairteam #slystallone #rubybegoniahairstudio

Thank you @SchwarzkopfUSA products are all action! @beachhousepr #expendables3 #exp3hairteam #rubybegoniahairstudio

Jovovich Still in EX3?

Last week when Jovovich was announced for her new movie "Survivor" (Millennium produced!), some news outlets reported that she was still playing a role in EX3. IMDB, although not always reliable, has her in the cast list as well. IMDB is usually accurate when a film is towards the end of its production, which is the case with EX3. I remember IMDB had Statham in the cast list of F&F6 when the studios were still denying his involvement and trying to keep it a surprise. I'm not saying Jovovich is in EX3 but there seems to be some indication that she still might be.

Snipes Done Filming

According to 24Chasa, Snipes finished filming last Thursday and is done with his part in EX3.

"The actor went to the club on Thursday evening to mark the end of filming his action movie "Expendables 3." In his company was also the producer Les Weldon, and welcomed him at the airport in Sofia in mid-August. The restaurant, owned by the wife of Magardich Halvadjian cream filling (pictured), Snipes starred with many fans. Talked with Maria Ignatova for U.S. because she graduated high school there. Wesley Snipes has left our country, but most of his colleagues in action still pictures here."

Oct 9, 2013

Mel Gibson on the red carpet!

A few days old, but fun none-the-less. Mel Gibson talks movie violence, playing a bad guy and going to Bulgaria:

Oct 8, 2013

Lubo Simeonov in EX3

After a very small role in EX2, Lubo seems to have returned for EX3 under a different look. He's the giant who got punched by the duo Sly/Statham in the bar when the Expendables were looking for intel to track the Sags. 

For those who don't Lubo, he's is a Bulgarian kickboxer and mixed martial artist and given his background and country of origin it only makes sense to cast him in an action film taking place in Bulgaria.