Oct 19, 2013

Gibson's Henchmen

We know all the good guys in EX3 (Stallone, Statham, Banderas, Li, Snipes, Lundgren, Ford, Schwarzenegger, Grammer, etc) but we only know one bad guy: Gibson! So I was wondering who the other bad guys or Gibson's henchmen would be in the 3d installment of what is hoped to become the best action movie of all ages!?

It's probably safe to assume that Davi is one of the bad guys and henchman to Gibson. Obviously there is this guy fighting Statham's double in this picture:

Then I think there is Thomas Canestraro who I reported a while ago to be a new addition to the cast. And now there is another new addition Sarai Givaty who I think will be Rousey's female antagonist. I also believe that the role was supposed to go to Jovovich but finally went to a fairly unknown actress after the latter signed up for a new Millennium film "Survivor".

EX3 seems to be following in footsteps of F&F6 where the henchmen were all unknown actors to the general public; Carano was probably the most known evil member of the group, Taslim was only known to hardcore action fans, and Kold to soccer fans. Thank god we are getting Gibson instead of Evans (no offense).

Canestraro is a French kickboxer (with JJ & Davi in the below pictures) and Givaty a well known actress, and model in Israel. Welcome to the Expendables Family!



  1. Rousey has an evil twin? Played by another actress? Sounds absurd.

  2. I have no idea who JJ (the guy pictured with Thomas Canestraro) is. I guarantee that I'm not the only Expendables fan that has no clue who JJ is.