Oct 7, 2013

Gibson to film on Wednesday?

According to this Bulgarian site, Gibson will start filming on Wednesday!

"Action star Mel Gibson three days not leaving the hotel "Kempinski Zograph" because actively preparing for his role as nasty Conrad Stounbanks in "Expendables 3" teach "Monitor". Hollywood ace will appear on set Wednesday in "Nu Boyana Film" and then have to get in top notch form and pump muscles in the gym.

Despite his star status Gibson does not show any whims and did not initiate more specific as they do far less well known than his actors. The blue-eyed Australian is very sociable and be friendly with everyone. But so far has not gone in Sofia nightclubs that are a favorite of his fellow Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. 

 While in the country by the end of the month, Mel Gibson has expressed only one wish - to meet with old acquaintances - actors Hristo Shopov Hristo Zhivkov. They participated in his directorial debut "The Passion of the Christ". Then Hollywood star chose an international cast Hristo Shopov the image of Pilate, and Zhivkov gave the role of one of the disciples of Jesus - John. Performances and two Bulgarians carried the heap praise. 

Mel Gibson was extremely surprised by so many people who had gathered to meet him at a VIP at Sofia airport when you land on Saturday night, learn more "Monitor". The role of Conrad evil he has personally chosen by Sylvester Stallone behind the "Expendables". The third part involved a bunch of superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Jason Statham, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li and others. Already passed through Sofia."


  1. Google translation is pathetic yet again. There is no actor named Hristo Zhivkov that's associated with The Passion Of The Christ, it's Christo Jivkov. Also, it's so frustrating that Mel Gibson apparently wasn't a part of the highly anticipated and probably epic bridge sequence filmed last Saturday. It's amazing how long it's taking for Mel to finally film a scene. It looks like Mel will have less than 20 minutes of screen time in The Expendables 3 and that's so very unfortunate. Mel is an A-list actor and he should have had more than 20 minutes of screen time in The Expendables 3.

  2. Some of the greatest screen villians had a lot less than 20 mins screen time....Darth Vader, Agent Smith (the Matrix), Blofeld (James Bond) etc...in the end, its all about what they do with that 15 or so mins that will make them truly memorable... There are so many great action stars in EX3 its just impossible for them to all have the screen time we would all like!

  3. Jack Nickolson, who was the bad guy in A Few Good Men, only had like 2 scenes....maybe 20 minutes total. And he was fantastic.....and got an Oscar nomination.