Oct 23, 2013

Great New Sly Interview

This article has a cool interview with Sly as he was wrapping up filming of EX3. I really liked how he never mentioned this was the last one, or anything like that. Sounds like he had a great time filming in Bulgaria....

"Sylvester Stallone came with whipped eyebrow and gutter blood flowed from his split lip. Incredibly realistic stage makeup initially startled reporter "24 hours" . Star dedicate 10 minutes to a meeting with journalists - in the break between the two scenes.

- Mr. Stallone for the third time you are in our country and the second time you come here to shoot " The Expendables ." How the country has changed over the years ? Is there a difference ?

- The difference is huge. Over the past 4-5 years, many Bulgarians have izpedeptsali . Before filming had to lead U.S. experts now while your people can do anything . Become are fantastic professionals. Now it is easier to obtain any materials you need. In Bulgaria is working hard . Almost everyone speaks English and you can understand them , so that the stars do not have any problems in this regard .The first time was different. I just can not believe how much has changed - one hundred percent improvement. You already enjoy the latest technologies , the sound is a thousand times better , everything is better . My impressions are very good . Ten times easier it was to do " Expendables 3 " rather than " The Expendables 2 " .

- What difficulties had to fight for your previous coming ?

- It 's like another world - two different cultures, trying to grind flour. Somehow we got used to , but it takes time. Now everything is perfect - the food , the people . It is very difficult - though in this production we have 17 stars. Yet all goes according to plan.
You have to admit the Bulgarians in " Nu Boyana " - did it perfect .Without them, everything would be much worse .

- Were you able to see some Bulgarians?

- No. The thing is that people imagine that making a movie is a big party that night going out , dancing , going to bars . Nothing like this - in the evening barely crawled to her room , lockable , stick your head into your TV and you wake up in the morning. Our life is very boring. Filming is tedious work .
Then already very nice, but during filming - like weave carpet.Everything is slow , heavy , but the end result is worth it! If you do go out - as I was in a restaurant, I loved it , but most are in the restaurant , because we are too tired to go elsewhere.

-Have you ever been chased paparazzi in Bulgaria ?

- Yes, I've been pursued .

- Where are you shooting outside Boyana ?

- Did a fantastic scenes at the Museum of Art ( actually talking about building " Vertigo " to "Bulgaria " ) , at the airport , which also was amazing. We built a variety of decors. Even if we raised over a bridge in the middle of a military base. Such a thing can not happen in America. I thought the bridge was true that there 's at least '10 And they were built in no time - in the middle of the grass. There, we shot a great scene with Mel Gibson - a battle helicopters, very big. And I'm thinking, "Oh, how does it get that bridge? " And they were built . For 24 hours. And the next day it broke down . Good grief ! This is incredible. Elsewhere would take at least two months.
This happened for two days.

- Why , what 's the difference?

- On the one hand, the bureaucracy , on the other hand - here 's another thought . People work hard . Their lives are hard and they are accustomed to adversity . Sweat and cold and heat . Once something has to be done, just grab and do whatever the difficulties .
In some countries this simply can not happen - there are trade unions, etc.

- What to expect from " The Expendables 3 " ?

- This will be the best episode. We have a great director and a true star team. I have not seen a movie in which to engage so many stars. Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford , Wesley Snipes , Antonio Banderas , Jason Stetam - the list is endless. We also have a new generation of stars - 21 to 22 years old. I have a wife - world champion in MMA . She herself stunts that are directly seen . So viewers can expect from the new movie " The Expendables 3 " humor , dramatic moments , tension, but mostly surprises."