Dec 24, 2013

EX3 teaser trailer is a hit with audiences!

The EX3 teaser trailer hit the web several days ago and the great news is that the majority are loving what they got...and what they got was a TEASE...a good old fashion tease! Most movie sites have reported positive feedback. Just imagine what we will get with the next trailer in several months. My mouth is watering already.

The first film in 2010 grossed $274,470,394 WORLDWIDE. The second film in 2012 topped that figure with $311,979,256 WORLDWIDE -- Actual figures here for EX2. Rest assured that 2014's EX3 is going to be the biggest film yet in this action packed series.

P.S. BOXOFFICE MOJO, the biggest box-office site on the net, still lists EX2 at an old figure of $305,428192 worldwide. Mojo needs to stop being lazy and update the EX2 page with the actual $311,979,256 number.

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